My Beloved Cat

One day, Ahmad go to the Pengkalan Market to buy groceries utilizing my automobile as usual. After arrived there, Ahmad started to buy all my thing noted in the notes that Ahmad made before. After completed purchasing, Ahmad straightly strolls to the car to go house.

However, throughout my walk, all of a sudden Ahmad saw a feline that truly cute and hence it attract me to go close to it. As Ahmad go close to the feline, the feline makes an action that makes me feel happy and pleasurable.

Hence, Ahmad thinks either the feline is someone else pet or not. After think often Ahmad unexpectedly develop choice that Ahmad wish to take this feline return with me and to be my family pet because Ahmad also never ever had any family pet prior to in my house. As Ahmad get back, Ahmad wish to discover and provide a suitable name to my family pet. In about 20 minutes, Ahmad finally discovered ideal name for my cat that is Bobby. The factor that makes me pick Bobby as its name is since the feline is male (young boy) feline.

For this reason, Ahmad left Bobby for a while in my home and Ahmad quickly went to the store and purchase cat food (Whiskas) and a cage for Bobby’s. Hence, Ahmad went back to house, take Bobby and put it inside its cage and feed it with Whiskas. Later on, Ahmad went to my bed to take my rest. As Ahmad awaken the next day, Ahmad straightly goes to Bobby’s cage to look its condition and to provide it Whiskas. However, unexpectedly Ahmad notice that Bobby’s has actually gone and Ahmad actually stunned.

All bad things have play in my mind. Ahmad even believes that someone has actually taken my cat, but … all of a sudden, Ahmad hear someone call my names several time and consistently. Hence, from time to time the sound being loud and louder and appears close to me. Next, Ahmad found that my young boys are on my bed inside my space and actually Ahmad simply dream on. Really my more youthful sibling calls me to wake me as much as go to the Pengkalan market. The dream is truly fantastic to me and Ahmad won’t forget it ever.

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