Mr. Luther Kings Letter from Birmingham Jail

Mr. Luther Kings Letter from Birmingham Prison

“Martin Luther King Jr.’s letter from Birmingham Prison. Which was written in April lb, 1963, is an enthusiastic letter that addresses and reacts to the issue and criticism that a group of White clergymen had tossed at him and his pro- black American company about his and his company’s non- violent demonstrative actions versus racial prejudice and oppression among black Americans in Birmingham. King writes the letter to safeguard his company’s actions and the letter is likewise an interest the people, both the White and black

American society, the social, political, and spiritual neighborhood, and the entire of American society to encourage desegregation and encourage solidarity and equality among all Americans, with no stratifications according to racial differences. King’s letter from Birmingham Prison addresses the American society, especially the political and spiritual communiry of the American sociery, Particularly, Kings letter addresses three important groups in the American society: the white American political community, white American religious ommunity, and the black American society.

King dealt with these neighborhoods as the primary groups wherein racial partition is constantly proliferated (the white American political and spiritual communiry) and points much ot his arguments to and for his fellow black Americans in the society. King’s main thesis in veriting the Birmingham letter is that, racial segregation, or oppression to the black American society, is due to the constant encouragement of the white American society, particularly the effective neighborhoods in politics nd religious beliefs.

King safeguards his primary thesis all throughout the length of his letter, and the arguments that he has made ro prove that his thesis holds true and legitimate he the focus of this rhetorical analysis. In addressing and challenging the issue Of oppressions among the black Americans in the American society. particularly the violence that. had taken place in Birmingham, and typically, the inequality and racial bias occurring in his American society, King argues his position by using both moral, social, and political recommendations and logic for is arguments to be considered legitimate and agreeable.

The response preferred in his letter is agreement and appeal for the part of the white American society to abolish partition and terminate the injustices occurring to his fellow black Americans. while King appeals to his black American fellowmen for unity and uniformity, which is a vital element for their cause to be achieved (that is, the prevention and eventual abolishment of racial prejudice, inequality, and oppression” Mr. Luther Kings Letter from Birmingham Prison By socrchk17

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