Memory vs Forgetting in the Odyssey

Memory vs Forgetting in the Odyssey

There are numerous styles of forgetting and keeping in mind in the Odyssey of Homer. When you have an excellent love for somebody or something it will never be forgotten. Both Penelope and Odysseus show the importance of memory throughout The Odyssey of homer over and over again. The style of memory and forgetting does disappoint only enjoy in between Penelope and Odysseus but likewise an important principle in the upkeep of the correct social interactions. Penelope tells the vocalist Phemios that she does not want to hear the song that she is singing.

The tune brings discomfort to Penelope’s heart and advises her of her “unforgotten sadness” (Homer, Odyssey I. 342). Whenever Penelope is reminded of Odysseus she become really sad and starts to weep for the love she has lost. In early as book I we are already being shown the powerful love Penelope has for Odysseus. We are being revealed a love that we just see in the films. A typical song strikes Penelope right in the heart and reminds her of Odysseus. After all this time separated from each other she still can not bare the separation from her caring husband.

If she had forgotten her excellent real love Odysseus, Penelope would have wed one of the suitors. In turn Odysseus would not be King of Ithaca while he was still alive. Odysseus will also learn that his battles of discovering house; his way back to Penelope would have been heart breaking. Penelope is awarded kleos in part for remembering her spouse. “She wants to develop the home of the man who weds her, and of former kids, and of her precious and wedded partner, she has no remembrance, when he is dead, nor does she consider him.

On your own, when you come back, you need to turn over everything to whichever one of the serving women seems to be the best one, until the gods reveal who is to be your honored spouse” (Homer, Odyssey XV. 20-26). This speech from Athene shows what characteristics most wives will have in the absence of their partners. When I read this speech it reminds me of Penelope heart and soul. She is caring, loving, and worried that she will be forced to wed another person. She stands the test of time and patiently awaits her spouse’s return.

She waits twenty years without ever even understanding if he will ever return or not. Penelope constantly remembers that time and arete are necessary concepts in social interactions. Even with all the suitors in her house imitating savages; she still acts with the proper regard and customizeds. She constantly acts as if she is still wed and her husband will be home soon. Agamemnon appears to Odysseus and speaks with him about his better half Penelope. He specifies that Penelope is a “better half endowed with great virtue” (Homer, Odyssey XXIV. 193).

He congratulates Odysseus on how great the love and memory of Penelope for Odysseus is throughout the poem. Her memory of Odysseus gives her kleos that “shall never die away” (Homer, Odyssey XXIV. 196-7). In the same conversation in between Odysseus and Agamemnon; Agamemnon speaks about his spouse Clytemnestra in such a way that shows the contrast between an honored spouse that remembers her other half to a deceiving cheater who eliminated her husband. Agamemnon likewise mentions “there is nothing for disgusting than a repellent ladies who thinks of acts that dishonor, and plots murders of other halves” (Homer, Odyssey XI. 27-30) This in turn shows the style of keeping in mind is a more glorious lifestyle than forgetting. Throughout the epic poem we see a great connection in between good memory and worthwhile character. Odysseus is the only one scared to forget and for his guys to forget their function. He remembers he needs to go house to HIS Kingdom and his better half Penelope. He uses his love for Penelope as a method to bear in mind he has to return house no matter what comes up. While doing this Odysseus stands as the exemplary male and hero, separating himself from others for the much better with his strength, cunning, and quality in war.

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While his men continue to eat the fruit that make you ignore house, Odysseus needs to remain strong and remember the reason for his journey. “I myself took these guys back weeping, by force, to where the ships were, and put them aboard under the rowing benches and tied them quickly, then offered the order to the rest of my excited buddies to start the ships in haste, for worry somebody else may taste of the lotus and forget the way home” (Homer, Odyssey IX. 97-102). “… ‘What ails you now? It is time to consider our own country, if really it is ordained that you will survive and come back o your strong-founded house and to the land of your fathers.’ So they spoke to me, and the happy heart in me was convinced.” X. 472-475. p164 Even though Odysseus and his guys have the ability to live well with the sorceress, they are identified to return home. On Circe’s island they have the ability to consume limitless meat and drink limitless sweet red wine all day and night, without a care in the world. Despite being able to live a nice life with Circe, they need to remember about their houses and the journey they will need to continue. Once they keep in mind about their houses, the men’s spirits are fired up prepared to set sail. … That guy who … listens to the Sirens singing, has no possibility of getting back and thrilling his spouse and kids as they stand about him in welcoming, but the Sirens by the tune of their singing captivate them. They sit in their meadow, however the beach prior to it is stacked with boneheaps of guys now decayed away …” XII. 40-46. p186 Circe informs Odysseus of the effects that guys who listened to the Sirens have dealt with; they ended up as decomposed corpses on their beach. Homer makes lapse of memory synonymous with death using the Sirens to convey the message.

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