Matrix and Animal Farm

Matrix and Animal Farm

!.?.!? Numerous texts styles from various authors all over the world produce similar styles and morals throughout their kinds of text. ‘The Matrix’ (1999 ), directed by the Wachowski Brothers, and the allegory ‘Animal Farm’ (very first published in 1945), composed by George Orwell, both convey the very same themes and morals. The values provided by both Orwell and the Wachowski Brothers are abuse of power, lack of personal privacy and adjustment of people by the use of propaganda. The use of power can be taken for granted; it can be used for excellent or wicked.

In the motion picture, ‘The Matrix’ and the unique ‘Animal Farm’ they both overuse power for wicked and it ends in horrible repercussions. In the novel ‘Animal Farm’ the pigs are against the people, they convince all the other animals to turn against them in the end they end up being individuals they dreaded from the start. George Orwell uses strong paradox in this novel that the pigs ended up being individuals they thought disliked. ‘Pigs are brainworkers’, yet they select the wrong choice in the end.

In the film ‘The Matrix’ the representatives have so much power however they utilize it for all the incorrect reasons. The representatives are imposing their power over the people and Neo is the messiah figure and the one with the selected power and utilizes it to counter the evil power of the Agents. They have the power to manipulate people by entering into their bodies since they are plugged in. ‘If ‘real’ is merely what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then ‘real’ is merely electrical signals translated by your brain’.

People they manipulate are required to follow their orders from the representatives they assure people that they are illness and they’re the only fix, A metaphor ‘you’re a plague and we are the treatment’ was utilized to show how much power the agents have that they are powerful enough to treat an illness. ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘The Matrix’ both have powerful characters to make the audience members feel weak and helpless and sympathise with the characters taking on the effective guys such as Fighter and Neo. Personal privacy is something each specific values and worships however this flexibility can’t always be achieved to al. The Matrix’ and ‘Animal Farm’ the common style, lack of privacy is repeating throughout both text types. In ‘The Matrix’ Neo was looked for a long time entering his personal area and watching his every move, ‘we’ve had our eye on you for rather a long time, Mr. Anderson’. A close-up shot was used when the Agents and Neo first interacted with each other to show the Agents power over Neo, the Representative s understanding things just Neo need to know about shows how naive Neo is and unprepared for hat he will enter into. When Trinity first satisfies Neo at the club, it’s clear she has actually had her eye on Neo’s every move for a long period of time and when Neo’s computer was hacked he had no control when people were entering his personal things. When Morpheus lead Neo thru the workplace it likewise demonstrated how powerless he was. In the unique ‘Animal Farm’ the animals are constantly being seen in every relocation they make, making sure they work to their full capacity.

A complete invasion of personal privacy was made when all the animals searched through Molly’s barn with all her personal products learning that she had been making deals with the opponents the entire time getting lump sugar and several bunches of ribbon of various colours that she had actually been offered from the opposite of the fence. Clover ‘went to Mollie’s stall and turned over the straw with her hoof’. People control the truth to advance their goals.

Manipulation plays a strong part in both ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘The Matrix’ both texts have a strong style of power which power is mainly developed by control. In George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’, Squealer provided a speech to the animals on the farm describing that Snowball is the enemy and a traitor he likewise said that Napoleon’s method of controlling the farm was great due to the fact that Mr. Jones would not come back and he stated something bad would occur if they followed Snowball who was just a criminal. He utilized adjustment by telling that not doing what was told would bring back Mr Jones.

He utilized a propaganda method because Napoleon supervising was not popular among the animals prior to Squealer’s speech, it became a type of adjustment, and Squealer altered what they thought in. In the movie ‘The Matrix’ the entire film is a theme of manipulation as the devices are harvesting humans for energy utilizing the makers to trick individuals into believing they are contently living. In the call it the matrix anything appears possible even when Neo begins to understand his abilities to control the matrix and that it is just a program this is shown at the end where Neo stands up to the Agents and beats them.

Neo thinks he was staring at a bend spoon ‘do not attempt and bend the spoon, that’s impossible … rather … only try to recognize the fact’ words are used to play with Neo and the audience’s minds. Neo was told he was ‘the one’ all the faith they took into Neo, Morpheous was hopeful when Neo did the jump and was disappointed when he stopped working. Another point about rumours how the Makers have utilized the media within the matrix to produce rumours about Morpheus and Trinity and noted them as terrorists. In onclusion, you can see similar themes are used in different motion pictures/ novellas the Warshonki siblings and George Orwell have shared comparable themes such as are abuse of power, lack of personal privacy and adjustment of people by the use of propaganda. No matter what type of text type you encounter you will have the ability to relate the very same themes to another film/ play or book you encounter. A text design does not have to be the specific very same story line to predict the very same moral or message to their audience.

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