Marxism Analysis of Moby Dick

Marxism Analysis of Moby Penis

In the novel, “Moby Penis” by Herman Melville, Flask is the most affordable officer rank on the ship and he is oppressed by his fellow officers. It is shown in chapter thirty-four: “The Cabin Table”. “And poor little Flask, he was the youngest child, and little boy of this tired family party. His were the shinbones of the saline beef; his would have been the drumsticks” (Melville 143). This is the very first part that reveals Flask is at the bottom of the food cycle. Flask is the one to get the scraps and undesirable pieces of meat, while Ahab, Starbuck and Stubb get thighs and breasts.

He is the last one served on top of getting the least amount of food out of everybody else. This reveals Flask is oppressed by his fellow officers because he isn’t treated with the very same respect of the very first and second in command behind Ahab. “Another thing. Flask was the last person down at the supper, and Flask is the very first man up. Think about! For thus Flask’s dinner was terribly jammed in point of time” (Melville 144). Flask is the lowest rank officer, with Stubb and Starbuck subduing him. He was required to constantly be the very first one up, however the last to make it to supper.

He likewise was needed to leave prior to any one else did at dinner. So, if Stubb was done, so was he, and Flask could not do anything about it. He was oppressed by those greater than him. He got scraps of food, barely got to consume at all, and even wasn’t permitted butter due to the fact that he wasn’t seen worthwhile of it. “Flask, alas! was a butterless man!” (Melville 144). In the unique, “Moby Cock”, Flask is the lowest rank officer. The order of rank goes: Ahab, Starbuck, Stubb, then Flask. He is oppressed by the other two officers and the captain, and this shows marxism in contemporary literature.

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