Lord of the Flies

Religious Parallels Lord of the Flies

William Golding’s Lord of the Flies is an allegorical book from numerous viewpoints. It draws societal parallels to a post-war world, political parallels to various approaches of federal government, and even psychoanalytical parallels to the psychological models of Freud. Among…

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Lord of The Flies Web Quest

Tibia Insulaechorab How the conch’s used & & its significance o The leader will be selected every Sunday so that everybody will have the ability to experience how to be a leader o There will be a conch ceremony while…

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Lord of the Flies Chapter 4-6

———————————Chapter 4 Summary Life on the island quickly develops a day-to-day rhythm. Morning is enjoyable, with cool air and sweet smells, and the boys are able to play happily. By afternoon, though, the sun becomes oppressively hot, and some of…

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