Lord of the Flies: Who is the best Leader

Lord of the Flies: Who is the very best Leader

What is a leader, you might ask. It is a person you can depend on to lead and make the right decisions for your group’s supreme survival. In the book The Lord of the Flies by William Golding, a group of boys crash land onto a deserted island. They elect Ralph to be their leader to make sure order on the island, however the boy’s civilization on the island is slowly falling apart. Ralph is losing control of everyone and the island is ending up being incredibly chaotic. I think that Piggy would be better fit as a leader than any other kid on the island, including Ralph.

Piggy is intelligent, caring, fully grown and civilized, which are qualities every terrific leader must have for the survival of a group in a time of crisis. To start with, Piggy is certainly the most smart person of the kids on the island. Intelligence is an essential characteristic to wonderful management. If a leader is not clever, they would not have the ability to make good choices. Consequently, this can affect the group’s survival or an opportunity of getting saved. Piggy reveals that he is intelligent different times throughout the novel. On page 16, Piggy says “We can utilize this to call the others.

Have a meeting. They’ll come when they hear us.” It was brilliant of Piggy to think about the concept to blow into the conch shell, producing a loud sound to gather other survivors. Piggy is always thinking, excited to use his knowledge to much better their civilization on the island. “I have actually been thinking … about a clock. We could make a sundial. We could put a stick in the sand, and after that–“Piggy stated. He came up with the idea to make sun dials, so the young boys would know what time it was and possibly make a schedule of what time to do their jobs.

Having a leader with intellect can benefit the other group members since they will have the ability to think about methods and make decisions to better their society. Piggy displays the most intelligence of all the boys, making him the best prospect for leader. Furthermore, Piggy has a really caring side to him. Piggy is probably the only individual who appreciates the littluns. When the little young boy with the mulberry colored birthmark wanted to speak, Ralph refused to offer him the conch. “Let him have the conch!” (pg. 5) Piggy shouted when he insisted that the littlun had the compose to speak. After the littlun spoke, all the kids other than for Piggy made fun of the odd concept of there being a monster. By not making fun of the littlun, Piggy reveals empathy about the kid’s feelings and tries to assist him feel better. Another circumstances where Piggy reveals that he is caring was when the fire got out of control on the mountain. “And them little’uns was roaming about down there where the fire is. How ‘d you know they aren’t still there? The littlun who had a mark on his face, where is he now? Piggy said this on page 46. Piggy was the only one to point out that some of the kids may have gotten hurt whiles they were playing near the fire. He is likewise the only one to discover that the boy with the mark on his face had actually gone missing. This exhibits that Piggy really cared about the littluns health and wellness because he was worried about if they had actually gotten hurt from the fire. I think that Piggy can be viewed as a parent figure to the littluns since he takes interest in them and their well- being. For example, Piggy says (pg. 4) “And if them littluns climb back on the tornado once again they’ll fall off in a sec.” This quote explains how Piggy is alerting the littluns to stay off the tree trunk, so they don’t fall and hurt themselves if the tree trunk rolls. Piggy establishes that he is a caring individual due to the fact that he shows empathy, understanding, issue and respect towards the littluns. Being a caring person is important to being good leader. In addition, Piggy is the most fully grown person of the group. Evidence: (Page 38) “Acting like a crowd of kids,” Piggy said. Page 84) “Life is scientific,” Piggy discusses. (Still need to deal with this paragraph) In conclusion, to make sure the well-being of all the kids while they are on the island, the leader needs to be able to make great decisions, regard every member of the group, be severe about their situation and keep a reasonable mind set. Piggy is the only character efficient in doing all of these things since he is clever, caring, mature and civilized. These qualities are vital to a great leader, making Piggy the best choice for chief.

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