Lord of the Flies- What Is Evil and Where Does It Come from?

Lord of the Flies- What Is Evil and Where Does It Come from?Lord of the

Flies Final Essay Prompt: What is wicked and where does it come from? Assistance your answer with Lord of the Flies and your own example. 2 direct quotes required: one for each body paragraph about Lord of the Flies. Where does evil come from? Was Lord of the Flies written to answer this concern? William Golding wrote this magnificent story in 1954 to show the concept of evil’s presence. The story is about several young boys whose plane crashed due to the fact that of a Soviet missile hit. The kids get stranded on an island and need to figure out how to endure. Each boy has his own character and concepts on how to make it through and get saved.

The group of young boys begin a fire to act as a signal for rescue. Regrettably, the fire gets out of hand, and the turmoil begins. Due to the fact that the group of kids was starving, one of the boys, Jack, chose to kill a pig. This led Jack to abandon his superego and to continue eliminating. It appears like the Monster went into Jack and the others, causing in them the thirst for blood. After a number of occasions that happened in the story, the kids were finally rescued by a naval officer from the Soviet Union. William Golding wrote this traditional to deliver an ethical message about the origins of evil.

Evil is eliminating individuals for excitement and originates from ids within us, according to Lord of the Flies. William Golding shows that evil is within everybody and does not originate from society. When Lord of the Flies/ the Monster enters Simon’s head, Lord of the Flies says,” I become part of you” (Golding 142-143). Evil is speaking directly to Simon’s head and heart. This is an example of Simon’s conscience speaking to him and wicked trying to turn Simon into a savage like Jack. Society did not make Simon wicked, it was the Beast who tried to get Simon to listen and become a savage.

Evil is within everybody yet it is though society, creatures and individuals that evil is in fact seen. “The Monster is safe and awful” (Golding 147). The Beast is awful because it is not content with himself. Ralph is scared because he believes Simon’s murder was done on function (Golding 157). However, the Monster was not the one who committed Simon’s murder. It was Jack, Ralph, and the other kids on the island who killed Simon. The Monster is not the one to blame, for Ralph had a choice whether to be a part of Simon’s death. For that reason, the Monster is blameless. Society does not produce evil in individuals and creatures.

Evil is within us. The Bible plainly states in Genesis 3:3 that sin originates from within. In the book of Genesis, it had the story of Adam and Eve. God plainly said, “You must not eat from the Tree of Understanding or you (Adam and Eve) will die” (Genesis 3:3). Adam had an option whether to eat the forbidden fruit on the Tree of Understanding. He chose to consume it. The serpent known as Satan deceived Adam and Eve and handled to deceive them into consuming the forbidden fruit. Adam was in control of his own actions. If he had actually not eaten that fruit, he would not have let sin into this world. Therefore, sin comes from within us.

Evil is the sensation of enjoyment when eliminating somebody or something and comes from our ids within us. The author plainly shows in Lord of the Flies that evil is within everybody and does not come from society. Even though it can look like society causes individuals and animals to be evil, the fact is that evil comes from within every human. It is plainly discussed throughout the Bible the acts of sin are wicked. Evil is within everybody whether we are morally corrupted by sin or we are tempted by society. Lord of the Flies definitely illustrated the idea of evil’s presence which evil is within everybody.

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