Lord of The Flies Web Quest

Tibia Insulaechorab

How the conch’s used & & its significance

o The leader will be selected every Sunday so that everybody will have the ability to experience how to be a leader

o There will be a conch ceremony while altering the group leader. The leader will use the conch with its chain all week long.

o The conch will be utilized by the leader to gather everybody, to quieten the group and to let somebody speak.

o The conch represents leadership and authority. The person who has it is various from the others. The leader with his conch has to organize all the stuff related to the island and individuals.


Ways to get food & & water * A group of 3 or 4 individuals will be fishing three times a week. The fisher group will be changed every week after the conch event so that simply one group of people won’t be fed up with fishing during the life on island. Also, fishing group will be accountable for getting other types of seafood.

* Water will be kept in holes which are covered with leaves and rocks -so that the water won’t be taken in- Filtration tablets may be used.

* The food will be prepared on fire made by utilizing a magnifying glass.

* Other type of food will be fruits and vegetables.(if possible) The fisher group will be accountable for searching for the rest of the days (3-4 days per a week)

Tools required to construct shelters

A poncho Rope

Stakes Knife

The guidelines and rights of everybody & & The effects for breaking the guidelines

* Everyone has to bear in mind that the person who doesn’t respect somebody is not respected.

* Whatever the leader states need to be done

* Everybody must do some work. All the members of the island has to take part in the life om island

* If somebody breaks one of the guidelines, he/she will be expelled from the group. So she/he has to make it through on her/his own.

* Signal fire should be kept burning all the time.

* The individual who takes care of the fire needs to observe what walks around the island.

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