Lord of the Flies Piggy Analysis

Lord of the Flies Piggy Analysis

Piggy Character Analysis Piggy in the start of the book was using his sound judgment, he was smart, he understood what was right from wrong, and he could condone things that made him mad easily. In the start of the book, (pg.) Ralph told everyone his name was Piggy despite the fact that Piggy specifically informed Ralph that he didn’t like to be called that name Piggy later excused Ralph’s action with fantastic ease. Piggy’s action’s and behavior depended upon his glasses. Piggy and his glasses symbolized intelligence, he represents the rational side of civilization.

With the glasses it seemed as though Piggy made all the best options, and he assisted Ralph understand what required to be done with the tribe. Without his glasses Piggy couldn’t see i. e, Piggy was ineffective without his glasses. Remarkable modifications took place after the people killed Simon. (pg.) Savage Piggy blamed the murder on Simon himself for crawling around at night. But civil Piggy would have blamed the murder on the boys and himself and would have brought it up continuously.

By the end of the book piggy was not what he was in the begging he altered considerably from being chatty about what he understood to being chatty and just rabbling. Piggy suits the style of intellectual element of civilization due to the fact that he was the one who thought about developing guidelines/ norms. (Pg.) He likewise brought the civilization of england onto the island. If Piggy had not been on the island I think the book would have been various. The characters in the book would have been less civilized in the start, rather then slowly civilization diminishing.

Piggy in my mind was born neutral and was thought good. Piggy was constantly talking about his aunt, and what she taught him. e. g., “My auntie told me not to work on account of my asthma.” (pg.) The common virtues Piggy had were; self-discipline i. e., he knew what was right from wrong, self-reliance i. e., he could depend on himself to some degree, he had less self-reliance after his glasses broke and were stolen. He had obligation i. e., he saw the littluns so the biguns might go off. Relationship i., he had an interesting friendship with Ralph, he was the only one left in Ralph’s group. Piggy had the virtue of commitment to Ralph by not leaving his tribe to join Jack’s tribe. Piggy certainly had persistence i. e., he might watch the littluns and await food to be given to him. Piggy showed pride about his eyeglasses i. e., him being the only one to have then when he was little. (pg.) He also didn’t appear embarrassed having asthma. Piggy had the most modesty of all the people, he was the most well behaved.

Justice, Piggy treated people the method they were expected to be treated. Even though they didn’t treat him the method he was suppose to be treated. And stability Piggy liked to inform the others what he understood, it’s just no one listened, they all thought he was a pusillanimous because of his looks and physical status. Piggy lacked courage, he didn’t withstand Jack after being slapped in the face, it appeared as though Piggy hesitated of jack. Whenever Piggy wished to say something at the tribal conference and the tribe would not let piggy, he didn’t have the nerve to go right ahead.

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