Lord of the Flies Persuasive Letter Essay

Lord of the Flies Persuasive Letter Essay

— Persuasive Essay– Lord of the Flies letter essay Dear Ralph, This is Jack Merridew. It has been several years considering that we last saw each other, therefore much has happened ever since. I make sure you’re an extremely different person now, as am I. I am not that very same boy you knew, fifteen years can actually change an individual. 10 years ago, you sent me a letter blaming me for Simon and Piggy’s deaths, and whatever else that taken place on the island.

I didn’t react back then since I remained in the Seminary and was trying to worship god and put all that happened on the island behind me. I’m writing you this letter now since I am about to end up being a priest and I feel that I require to clear things up as a last act prior to I begin my brand-new life. By doing this I can start out with a fresh start. In your letter you blamed me for what happened on that night of the huge banquet, what occurred to Simon I mean, and I must tell you that it was not my fault. Although it happened fifteen years back, I can still remember it like it happened yesterday.

It was an awful dark and rainy night and we were all dancing about like a bunch of crazed savages, shouting our pig-slaughtering chant, even you were. As we began getting captured up in the chant I saw a shadowy figure crawling out of the forest. I thought it was the monster, I really did, everybody else thought so too. Everyone, even you. I understand all of us saw him at the same time because I was not the only one who shouted out that he was the monster, you thought he was too, you and Piggy and Sam and Eric and everyone else, all of us believed he was the beast.

It wasn’t me who said “let’s eliminate him”, it wasn’t only my concept, it was a mutual concept that everybody took part in. We were all to blame, not just me. And how was I expected to understand that the “genuine monster” was just a dead parachutist? For all any of us understood, the monster might have been a horrible vicious wild animal that would have devoured all of us. When I saw Simon crawling out of the forest I believed he was the beast and I took action, as did everyone else, after all we were just a pack of young boys living alone on a desert island with absolutely nothing however fruit and half-raw pig o eat. We were all captured up in the delirium of that stupid dance and no one knew what they were doing, it was a stupid and horrible mistake. Nevertheless, I believe that you are just as much to blame for what happened that night as I am or any one else is, you participated in that dance similar to the rest of us. It wasn’t murder since it was not deliberate, I had good intents as did the remainder of the kids I make certain. Is it reasonable to still blame only me? I acted in ways that I want I had not, however in my defense I was not myself on the island.

Something came by me, I was not utilized to living without meat, without anything. What did I know anyway? I was just thirteen and people do dumb things. I now see that what took place on that island was madness. It was madness, all of it. The conch, the assemblies, the people … the killing, and specifically Piggy’s death. I know at the time I didn’t reveal any regret, however I have actually truly concerned regret it. I am sorry that you lost your buddy which I was not kinder to him while he was alive. However, how can you blame me for his death when I didn’t even toss the boulder that killed him?.

We were all captured up that silly fight, it was as if he was eliminated in fight, no one ought to be designated the blame for that. We were stuck on that island for far too long and we were all beginning to go mad, it’s a marvel we even endured enough time to be rescued. I know I did some silly things, however so did you, the point is that it was not all my fault. I wish to live the rest of my life guilt-free and exonerate myself from any bad feelings still left over, I hope that you can now see my point.– Dad Jack Merridew

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