Lord of the Flies Persuasive Essay

Lord of the Flies Persuasive Essay

Lord of The Flies Persuasive Essay There are lots of beliefs on if male is born wicked or if society is corrupts man. The belief that guy is born evil is a monstrosity. The belief that male is born great and is corrupted by society though, is not. Two famous philosophers will agree. They are Jean-Jacques Rousseau and John Locke. “Rousseau believed that through a society people end up being evil”(Mr. Hughes). “Locke thought that everyone was born with a blank slate which what you experience determines [if] you’re great or evil”(John Locke).

Man is born good, with a clean slate and society is what damages male to evil, through the media, social groups, and peer pressure. Jean-Jacques Rousseau and John Locke, I think are correct “Rousseau thought that through a society people become wicked. A society corrupts individuals by drawing out their disposition toward hostility and selfishness”(Mr. Hughes). The second theorist is John Locke. “Locke thought that everybody was born with a blank slate and that what you experience determines your good or wicked”(“John Locke”). Both theorists are right in what they believe.

Experience does figure out good or evil and society does contribute in corrupting individuals. There are some good examples on the planet. On November second 2004 Dr. Phillipe Cunningham caught his 16 years of age boy cigarette smoking pot and the extremely next day his boy was expelled from his school for stabbing a fellow schoolmate with a knife. “Ryan was an excellent young boy, however simply began socializing with the wrong crowd”(“Look out for your teens”). That is just one example of how society can corrupt someone. An individual might be from an excellent family, raised well and after that all of a sudden society creeps up and turns individuals wicked.

Solutions might solve these problems and help individuals from being damaged by society. All issues can be fixed in some way. The option to making man prevail as being great rather of evil might be to start keeping children far from society. Groups of ten to fifteen families could go off and live in the woods. They might live their lives with simply a specific amount of individuals, instead of living in the society we have today. Living in such little communities as those would help make sure that male is not damaged by evil and stays good forever.

The belief that society corrupts male and that guy is born with a tidy state is really true. The belief may be true however there is constantly an option. Through this essay the beliefs are described. An example of how society can corrupt guy is likewise stated. There is constantly though, a service to a problem. Our society may corrupt man to wicked however with separating communities into little numbers, maybe guy can be basically become great. Bibliography 1. Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Harrison High School. 8 September 2005 2. John Locke. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. 8 September 2005 3. Watch Out for Your Teens. The Partnership. 8 September 2005

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