Lord of the Flies Packet

Lord of the Flies Package

lord of the flies system packet 10 Grade th Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Day 1 Background Details Day 2 Think Of If * Begin Reading * Vocabulary Charge at the End of the Unit Day 6 -Chapter 3 Due -Comprehension Questions Due -Journal 3 to be completed in class Day 11– Chapter 6 Due -Comprehension Questions Due -Journal 6 to be finished in class -Read “The Roadway Not Taken.” Day 16 -Literature Circles * Continue Reading Day 3 -Chapter 1 Due -Comprehension Questions Due -Journal 1 to be finished in class Day 8 -Chapter 4 Due -Comprehension Questions Due -Journal 4 to be finished in class

Day 4 -Chapter 2 Due -Journal 2 Due -Comprehension Questions to be Finished in Class Day 9 -Dispute Worksheet Read “Dream Deferred” by Langston Hughes Day 5 -Complete Comprehension Concerns in class -Total chapter 2 Activity in class Day 10 -Chapter 5 Due -Comprehension Questions Due -Journal 5 to be finished in class Day 7 -Setting Worksheet Day 13 -Chapter 8 Due -Comprehension Concerns Due -Journal 8 to be finished in class Day 18 -Chapters 11/12 Due Socratic Seminar Day 14 -Journal 9 to be discussed in class -Importance Sheets Day 15 -Journal 10 Due -Chapter 9/10 Due -Literature Circles

Day 19 -Characterization Sheet -Aspects of Society Day 20– Themes Worksheet -Discussion Assigned Day 21 -Discussion Groups in class Day 22 -Review Aspects of Paper Composing Day 23 -Discussions Due -Packages Due Day 24 -Paper Assignment -Movie and Interpolation Day 25– Film and Interpolation Day 26 -Review Day 27 -Unit Examination -First Paper Drafts Fee Day 28 -Papers Returned -In class conferences/Edits Day 29 -Peer Reviews Day 30– Final Documents Fee Day 12– Chapter 7 Due -Understanding Questions Due -Journal 7 to be completed in class -Fight/Flight Activity Day 17 -Compare and Contrast

Background Information Lord of the Flies by William Golding Published in 1954 “It was merely what seemed reasonable for me to compose after the war when everyone was thanking God they weren’t Nazis. I ‘d seen enough to realize that every one of us might be Nazis.” _ William Golding What does this quote imply to you? ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________

Background & & Context: Lord of the Flies was composed throughout the ________________; however, it was based during ______________. The Cold War was a”” where the United States the spread of communism and nuclear attack from the Soviet Union. WWII was a “,” where the allied powers (Britain, France, United States, and Russia) battled the axis powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan) in their attempt for ____________. In 1938 Britain tried to avoid another war with _________________ by signing a treaty with Germany. However when Hitler ____________ the agreement a few months later, it was clear they had to go to war.

Soon aerial ______________ of cities began. In order to conserve the future generations from death, civilians, particularly _____________ were relocated to backwoods. Prior to the Fight of Britain, __________ individuals were transferred. What are the significant resemblances between the cold war and WWII? ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ British Society: The British are extremely _____________. Showing up late is viewed as very ______________.

The British culture is affected by their idea of _____________. One would never ever pass someone of the street without saying ______________. The British are likewise very particular about the way that they _____________. Blazers, coats, ___________ are endured unique events. The British pride themselves on their __________________ presence. The British live in an incredibly ________________ society. Ancient structures, churches, and ______________ reflect their heritage. The _______________ exists in combination with the Parliament. The royalty of British represent the nationwide _______________ of the country.

If you took a trip to Britain, how would you have to adjust to conform to their culture? ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ William Golding: Born September 19, 1911; died June 19, 1993. British ________________, poet, and playwright. He was first interested in _______________ following in the steps of his father before transferring him major to __________________.

During WWII he combated in the ________________, and when it was over, he returned to teaching and _____________________. Do you think an author’s life contributes to the books that they compose? Why/Why not? ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Picture If … The war on fear has escalated its battling throughout the eastern border of the United States. The adults feel that they should safeguard future generations.

You and your schoolmates are being sent out away by means of airplane to save you from death in the event that we are bombed. You understand some of the people on the airplane however not all of them. Unexpectedly, the airplane is struck and goes plummeting to the ground. Now you and others have emerged from the aircraft. You do not recognize your environments. There are no houses or buildings anywhere. Standing on the sand, all you can see are trees in front of you and ocean on all sides. What would be your preliminary reaction? Lord of the Flies Vocabulary: Specify the following terms. These will be graded when your final packet is kipped down.

Chapter 1 Page Definition: efflorescence 12 ____________________________________________________ enmity 14 ____________________________________________________ decorous 15 ____________________________________________________ chorister 22 ____________________________________________________ bastion 29 ____________________________________________________ hiatus 31 ____________________________________________________ Chapter 2 Page ebullience 38 ____________________________________________________ recrimination 43 ____________________________________________________ tumult 43 ___________________________________________________ tirade 45 ____________________________________________________ Chapter 3 Page oppressive 49 ____________________________________________________ inscrutable 49 ____________________________________________________ transpositions 49 ____________________________________________________ declivities 54 ____________________________________________________ implied 55 ____________________________________________________ Chapter 4 Page blatant 58 ____________________________________________________ taboo 62 ____________________________________________________ sinewy 4 ____________________________________________________ malevolently 71 ____________________________________________________ Chapter 5 Page ridiculous 78 ____________________________________________________ futile 79 ____________________________________________________ jeer 84 ____________________________________________________ inarticulate 89 ____________________________________________________ Chapter 6 Page leviathan 105 ____________________________________________________ shout 108 ____________________________________________________ mutinously ____________________________________________________

Chapter 7 Page crestfallen 117 ____________________________________________________ resistant 121 ____________________________________________________ enterprise 122 ____________________________________________________ Chapter 8 Page glowered 127 ____________________________________________________ rebuke 128 ____________________________________________________ demure 133 ____________________________________________________ fervor 133 ____________________________________________________ Chapter 9 Page corpulent 146 ____________________________________________________ auntered 150 ____________________________________________________ Chapter 10 Page forced 167 ____________________________________________________ Chapter 11 Page luminescent 169 ____________________________________________________ myopia 169 ____________________________________________________ sniveling 170 ____________________________________________________ quavered 174 ____________________________________________________ parried 179 ____________________________________________________ talisman 180 ____________________________________________________ Chapter 12 Page acrid 86 ____________________________________________________ cordon 191 ____________________________________________________ elephantine 194 ____________________________________________________ epaulettes 200 ____________________________________________________ Journal 1: (5 points) Chapter 1 Name _________________________________ Date _____________ Duration ______? A leader takes people where they want to go. An excellent leader takes people where they don’t always wish to go, however ought to be.? _ Rosalynn Carter Journal 2: (5 points) Chapter 2 Call _________________________________ Date _____________ Duration ______ There aren’t any adults; we’ll need to take care of ourselves.?– Ralph Journal 3: (5 points) Chapter 3 Name _________________________________ Date _____________ Duration ______? What does? excellent’ mean in the expression,? This is an excellent island. ‘? Journal 4: (5 points) Chapter 4 Call _________________________________ Date _____________ Period ______? They became familiar with these secrets and ignored them, simply as they neglected the miraculous, throbbing stars.? _ William Golding Journal 5: (5 points) Chapter 5 Name _________________________________ Date _____________ Period ______ He discovered himself comprehending the wearisomeness of his life, where every path was an improvisation and a considerable part of one’s strolling life was spent seeing one’s feet.? _ Ralph’s ideas, William Golding Journal 6: (5 points) Chapter 6 Call _________________________________ Date _____________ Period ______? The data say that something like 65% people will give the wrong response even if we heard another person state it, even if we understand it’s the incorrect answer. The power of tip is very strong? _ Real-Hypnonis. com Journal 7: (5 points) Chapter 7 Call _________________________________ Date _____________ Period ______

All battles are essentially power battles. Who will rule? Who will lead? Who will specify, refine, restrict, design? Who will control? All battles are basically power struggles, and a lot of disappear intellectual than two rams knocking their heads together.”– Octavia E. Butler Journal 8: (5 points) Chapter 8 Name _________________________________ Date _____________ Period ______ If we can’t separate our civilized self from our savage self which will take over and why? Journal 9: (5 points) Chapter 9 Call _________________________________ Date _____________ Duration ______ Society understands perfectly well how to kill a guy and has techniques more subtle than death.? _ Andre Gide Journal 10: (5 points) Chapter 10 Call _________________________________ Date _____________ Period ______? I understand. They didn’t come for the conch.? _ Ralph. What did they come for? What does what they failed to take and what they took signify? Journal 11: (5 points) Chapter 11 Call _________________________________ Date _____________ Period ______? Which is much better …? _ Piggy & & Ralph Journal 12: (5 points) Chapter 12 Name _________________________________ Date _____________ Period ______ He turned away to provide time to pull themselves together; and waited, enabling his eyes to rest on the trim cruiser in the range.? _ William Golding Setting “This is an island. A minimum of I think it’s an island.” Specify Setting: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What is the function of having the young boys arrive on an island? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Directions: Think about chapters 1-3, How do the boys start to set up the Island as a civilization? For each example, you need to have textual proof.

You can receive approximately 25 points on this project: 5 points for the meaning of setting and author’s purpose, 15 points for your supporting, textual info, and 5 points for involvement that I observe today in class. * Include additional boxes as needed: Example: Textual Evidence: Character Pages: Character’s Name: Ralph Age (approximate) ___________________________ Appearance: Title ________________________________________ Basic Beliefs: How do others perceive this character? How does the character view himself? Essential Quotations:??? Character Pages: Character’s Name: Jack Age (approximate) ___________________________

Look: Title ________________________________________ Basic Beliefs: How do others view this character? How does the character view himself? Crucial Quotations:??? Character Pages: Character’s Name: Piggy Age (approximate) ___________________________ Look: Title ________________________________________ Basic Beliefs: How do others view this character? How does the character perceive himself? Crucial Quotes:??? Character Pages: Character’s Name: Simon Age (approximate) ___________________________ Look: Title ________________________________________ Basic Beliefs:

How do others perceive this character? How does the character view himself? Important Quotations:??? Character Pages: Character’s Name: Roger Age (approximate) ___________________________ Look: Title ________________________________________ Basic Beliefs: How do others view this character? How does the character perceive himself? Important Quotes:??? Character Pages: Character’s Name: Samneric (Sam and Eric, the twins) Age (approximate) ___________________________ Look: Title ________________________________________ Basic Beliefs: How do others perceive this character?

How does the character perceive himself? Crucial Quotations:??? Character Chart Complete at novel’s completion Simon Piggy Ralph Samanderic Jack Roger Chapter 2 Lord of the Flies Dispute Chapter 4 Internal Conflict External Conflict External Conflict: Male v Nature Internal Dispute: Male v Self External Dispute: Guy v Male * How would you solve each of these conflicts? * Guy v Nature: Guy v Self: Man v Man: In times of threat, do we respond with freeze, flight, or fight? Chapter 7 Jack: Ralph: Piggy: Chapter 11: Compare and Contrast: Using the Venn Diagram listed below, compare and contrast Ralph and Jack.

What qualities make them alike and different? Then think about, what elements of Ralph and Jack’s personalities add to the dysfunction of their relationship. ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Compare: Chapter 11 Jack Merridew Adolf Hitler * add columns as needed … you might use the back of the paper. Literature Circle Chapters 9-10: Assessment: You will be evaluated according to: o The extent to which you contribute to group participation and discussion. The quality of your ideas on your Lit Circle Notes Directions: Each activity day you will assume the various roles designated to text formerly checked out to finish each packet. Functions: Conversation Director: Your role needs that you recognize the crucial aspects of your designated text, and develop questions and concerns you have about the novel. You will likewise address the concerns that are asked of you on the sheet supplied. Focus on the big ideas in the text and your reaction to those ideas. You are responsible for helping with discussion when concerns are addressed in class. Illustrator: Your role is to draw what you check out.

That might indicate drawing a scene as a cartoon- like a sequence- or drawing one important scene as so readers can better comprehend the text. Usage keeps in mind to discuss how your drawing relates to the text. Label your drawings so we know who the characters and locations are. Make your drawing on the back of this page or on a different sheet of paper if essential. Port: Your role is to link what you are reading with what you are studying. You can connect the story to the author, your own life, news events, political occasions, or popular trends. Another essential source of connections is books you’ve currently checked out.

The connections need to be significant to you. Summarizer: Prepare a short summary of the text. If it assists you to organize the information, think about making a numbered list or a timeline. (Include some however not always all of the following: What are the most important occasions in the area you check out; what makes them so crucial; what impact to these events have on the plot or the other characters; what changes- in the plot, character, tone, or mood- did you see when you check out? ). Lit Circle Notes: Director Group Members: Consult your group, and write at least five concerns that you have bout chapters 9 and 10: Address the following questions with your group: 1. What does Simon find when he finally reaches the Monster? 2. What does Simon see from the mountain? What does he presume? 3. What is occurring to Simon on his way to the group? 4. Why do Ralph an d Piggy decide to go to Jack’s celebration? 5. What type of leader is Jack? 6. How does he differ from Ralph? 7. What does the dance signify? 8. What takes place to Simon when he goes back to the group? 9. As an outcome of the storm with its high winds and high tides, what happens to the bodies of Simon and the parachutist? 10.

What are the children turning into? Why is this so? 11. Who stays with Ralph? 12. How was Simon’s death foreshadowed by the lord of the flies? 13. At first Ralph takes blame but then extends it. Why is this so? 14. Piggy states Simon “asked for it.” Do you agree? Why/Why not? 15. What does Jack strategy to steal from Ralph and Piggy? 16. Jack says the beast came “disguised.” Do you think he knows it was Simon? Does he feel any regret? 17. Why does Ralph keep forgetting why they should make the fire? 18. What does Jack intend to steal? 19. Explain the scene when Jack and his boys attack. 20.

Who do Ralph and Eric battle? Lit Circle Notes: Adapter: Group Members: Your function is to connect what you are reading with what you are studying. Link aspects of the story to the life and concepts of Golding, the author. Did elements of Golding’s life influence his stories? Make certain to mention textual proof of your findings. Name: Take notes here: Include your connections with text and outside Start here: experiences/sources here: “Ralph dredged in his fading knowledge ____________________________________________ of the world. ‘We might get taken ____________________________________________ risoner by the Reds. ‘” ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Lit Circle Notes: Summarizer Group Members: Prepare a short summary of the text. Sometimes, you might ask yourself what details, characters, or occasions are so crucial that they would be included on a test.

If it assists you to organize the info, consider making a numbered list or a timeline. Include some but not necessarily all of the following: 1. What are the most crucial occasions in the area you read? 2. What makes them so crucial? 3. What affect to these occasions have on the plot or the other characters? 4. What modifications- in the plot, character, tone, or mood- did you notice when you check out? 5. What concerns might appear on an exam about this area you check out; what might be a good essay topic for this text? Write conversation concerns in here; compose your summary/response listed below: ___________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________ Lit Circle Notes: Illustrator: Group Members: Your role is to draw what you read. That might mean drawing a scene as an animation- like a sequenceor drawing one crucial scene as so readers can better comprehend the text. Use notes to discuss how your drawing connects to the text. Label your illustrations so we know who the characters and places are. Create your drawing is on a different sheet of paper. Consist of Notes Here: ___________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ Lord of the Flies Socratic Workshop 11 & & 12 In preparation for the Socratic Workshop, study the following questions. Each concern needs to be answered completely with textual support and personal insights. After you establish each concern, design other concerns to posture to the entire class. Similar to every Socratic Seminar, these are the guidelines:

Exist and on time. Be prepared with book(s), notes, study guides, etc. One person talks at a time. Pay stringent attention to each person as he/she speaks. You will not receive a point for duplicating somebody else’s details. You will lose a point if you speak with your next-door neighbor, doodle, make faces at classmates, and so on. You MUST take part!!! Failure to participate will lead to failure of this assignment. Easy saying “I concur” will not earn you a point. You must discuss and expand on all ideas. Usage textual assistance. 1. How does Ralph intend on getting Piggy’s glasses back? 2. Why are they so concerned about how they look when they go to fulfill Jack? 3.

What is indicated by “They understood only too well the liberation into savagery that concealing paint brought.” 4. Is the rivalry between the groups a video game? Do all of the kids believe it is severe? 5. Why does not Jack fret about a signal fire? 6. What is much better “law and rescue or searching and breaking up?” 7. What is the symbolic significance of the shattered conch? 8. How is Piggy killed? 9. What are Samneric required to do? 10. How does Jack strategy to kill Ralph? How does Ralph discover? 11. What is the purpose of a stick sharpened at both ends? 12. What else could Ralph have done to safeguard himself? 13. Is Ralph the same as a pig? Is Ralph the same as Piggy? 14. Why is the boys’ rescue so ironic? 15.

What would have taken place if the officer hadn’t arrived? 16. Does the officer believe that 2 young boys have passed away? What did he anticipate from British young boys? 17. What does Ralph understand about humanity in general? 18. Produce a minimum of one concern to ask your classmates. Lord of the Flies Meaning Define Significance: ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Monster: Conch: Face paint: Fire: Smoke: Lord of the Flies Lord of the Flies Themes: Instructions: In your group, identify your style. Explain the aspects of the novel that reveal your style. All members of the group must add to the discussion.

Be prepared to share your thinking in class. 1. Group 1: Civilization v Savagery 2. Group 2: Loss of innocence 3. Group 3: Nature of Excellent v Nature of Evil 4. Group 4: Goodness is unusual and fleeting 5. Group 5: Worry is all controlling Lord of the Flies Presentation: Select one of the scenes from the novel Lord of the Flies that you can relate to a historic instance that changed a society (do not utilize WWII as an example). Utilize the dialogue from the scene to reveal how many modifications in society follow comparable courses. You may act out the novel’s scene and the historic modification in combination with one another or finish a compare and contract discussion. Be innovative.

If you have other ideas, you may get them authorized by the instructor. Each group member need to finish a portion of the discussion to get full develop. Your presentation will be graded using the following rubric: Lord of the Flies Discussion Rubric Call: ________________________ Instructor: Miss Contristano Criteria 4 Body Movement Eye Contact Introduction and Closure Pacing Poise Organization Material Understanding 3 Motions seemed fluid and helped the audience envision. Made motions or gestures that boosted articulation. Points 2 1 Extremely little No motion or movement or descriptive gestures. gestures. Holds attention of Displayed

Consistent usage of entire audience with very little eye No eye contact direct eye contact using direct eye contact with audience. with audience. contact. audience. Trainee provides Trainee plainly open and closing Trainee displays Student does usages either an remarks that capture clear initial not display clear initial or the attention of the or closing initial or closing remark, audience and set remarks. closing remarks. but not both. the state of mind. Delivery is Shipment is in Shipment is either Good use of drama patterned, however bursts and does too quick or too and trainee meets does not fulfill not fulfill slow to satisfy assigned time pportioned time assigned time apportioned time interval. interval. interval. period. Makes small Stress and Student displays Displays mild mistakes, but anxiety is unwinded, selftension; has quickly recuperates apparent; has confident nature difficulty from them; difficulty about self, without any recovering from display screens little or recovering from errors. mistakes. no stress. mistakes. Student presents Reader knows in details in difficulty Series of logical, fascinating rational sequence following work info is sequence which reader can because student difficult to follow. reader can follow. follow. dives around. Student is Trainee does not unpleasant ave grasp of Student demonstrates Trainee is at ease with content and details; complete understanding (more with material, but has the ability to trainee can not than required). stops working to elaborate demonstrate basic answer concerns principles. about subject. Overall—> > Teachers Comments: ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ Lord of the Flies Paper Prompt: The unique Lord of the Flies postures interesting concerns: How is a civilization produced? Are individuals controlled by society or is society managed by individuals? Utilizing the text, compose a convincing paper encouraging your reader of your viewpoint. *** You might utilize the writing guide for convincing documents listed below.

Make certain not to utilize very first individual pronouns. Include transitional phrases to ensure that your paper streams. In each body paragraph you must have at least 2 examples. *** You will be graded using the rubric consisted of. Guide to Composing Persuasive Papers: Introduction Imaginative Opening (capture my attention; begin with a quote or statistic or interesting reality or declaration). __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Explanation/Sentence 1 (mention your subject) _________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ Explanation/Sentence 2 (discuss the opposite) __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Explanation/Sentence 3 (describe your side) __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ ___ Thesis Declaration (main idea of your paper/your belief and three reasons) __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Body Paragraph 1: Topic Sentence (factor one from your thesis) __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Example (from text): _________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Explanation (relate your example back to your thesis): __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Example (from text): __________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Explanation (relate your example back to your thesis): __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Closure: __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Paragraph 2: Topic Sentence (factor 2 from your thesis) _________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Example (from text): __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Explanation (relate your example back to your thesis): __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________

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