Lord of the Flies Newspaper Article

Lord of the Flies Newspaper Article

The Livingston Street Journal VOL. CLX … No. 230 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3, 1944 $0. 50 YOUNG KIDS SURVIVE FOR MONTHS ON END ON A DESERTED ISLAND By Jasmine Olivieri The European Press Britain– In the midst of World War II, an airplane evacuating a group of school children from Britain was shot down, killing the pilot. Unfortunately, lots of having lost their sanity and consciousness even upon rescue, it was no more than what one would expect from a group of young boys needing to look after themselves.

These regrettable school children consisting of approximately twenty-five boys all under the young age of twelve, were discovered by a Navy Officer on an uninhabited island off the coast of the South Pacific Ocean. Photo taken by Navy Officer after schoolboys from Britain were found on the lived in island due to an airplane being shot down throughout WWII. Image taken by Navy Officer after schoolboys from Britain were discovered on the inhabited island due to an airplane being shot down throughout WWII.

The exact time the boys spent on island is unknown however reports state that their hair was “unnaturally long” meaning they had to have spent at least numerous months on the island. It is a wonder that many of these young boys were discovered healthy and alive despite the quantity of survival abilities they would have understood and the absence of responsibility young boys have at that age. Nevertheless sources say that two were reported dead and one missing out on. The cause for the deaths of the two are still unidentified and the whereabouts of the one young boy is unknown too however is thought to be dead. When we were able to swim to coast I, along with lots of others, didn’t rather understand the severity of our situation,” says Ralph, among the older young boys that was first to be saved, “Well how could we at such a young age. Even after several months of being on the island, many of the boys still didn’t understand that it wasn’t just another experience”. Despite his age at twelve years old, Ralph was able to take effort and show responsibility by attempting his best to develop a civilized and orderly group. “After being chosen chief, I knew that jobs had to be designated and rules needed to be made, which was what I did”, states Ralph.

Jobs consisted of searching, event, building shelter, and most notably keeping the fire burning for a smoke signal. “That was the most important thing, to keep the fire going. Without the fire there would be no smoke and without smoke there wouldn’t have actually been any way for somebody to rescue us.” Ralph, being the leader of the group, stated that these civilized and accountable method of their new life didn’t last long after numerous turned against the group and turned against sanity, beginning with one specific “vicious uncivilized being” called Jack Merridew.

Ralph, swearing that he remained real to himself and what he believed in, admitted that the young boys lost a hold of their own identity and often times turned against each other. Ralph, shyly admits that had actually lost a number of honourable buddies due to the actions made by the group. It was first the death of Simon, when Ralph understood that the group was capable of nearly anything. Simon, being mistaken for a ‘monster’, was killed in the boy’s mob mentality to eliminate whatever they were afraid of. It was dark no one could see him, it was an accident, I do not believe any person meant to hurt anyone, but it was still … murder” says Ralph. Ralph describes that after Simons death, the young kids not only had to fear the possibility of survival and fear the high likelihood that they would exist till they passed away also wound up fearing themselves and what they had become. “My recentlies on the island were awful, I might see the damage of civilization as another entered power.

To this new corrupt leader, it was everything about blood and power.” “I truthfully believed I was going to be eliminated by those “savages”, states Ralph,” It wasn’t till Jack Merridew set fire to the whole island to ‘smoke me out’ when the navy officer had the ability to find and save us”. “The moment I saw him, was the minute I felt I had actually lastly been devoid of hell. Although seeing that navy officer made me feel overjoyed and fortunate to even be alive I had understand something quite unfortunate.

I realized that everyone had actually lost our innocence at such a young age. Because of our scenarios, we not just left behind the idealism of youth however civilization also- considering that our reality ended up not being ones of an adult however a savaged humanity.” The ones who were able to make it through, are now back home where they are being reminded finish health and being checked over for any indications of disease they couldv’e restored from the island. They will soon be transported to a plane in order to be left once again from Britatin.

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