Lord of the Flies- Natural Capacity for Brutality

Lord of the Flies- Natural Capability for Brutality

In Lord of the Flies, Golding checks out male’s natural capacity for cruelty. In the book we see that in the beginning man can be great but when push concerns shove guy will turn for the worst to make it through. Golding uses paradox within the unique to in addition explore male’s natural capability for cruelty. Golding also explores the factors that may promote and minimize brutality. In the unique, Lord of the Flies, there are numerous events that take place in which the outcomes promote or lessen cruelty.

For instance, when the conch was broken by Jack and his hunters they became significantly savage. The conch had looked like law and order and since that was no longer prevalent on the island, Jack and his hunters realize that they could do whatever they wished to do to benefit their camp and hurt Ralph’s side of the island. Nevertheless, despite their savage acts their cruelty was decreased when coming together to eat the pig that they have actually hunted.

Golding uses food to minimalize the boys’ brutality to highlight he concept that when they participate in civilized activities such as coming together for food minimalizes their inner brutality. Making use of these various occasions Golding shows that the less civilized the young boys’ act the more ruthless they become and vice-versa. Golding uses irony to further express the concept that all individuals have a natural capability for brutality, in the Lord of the Flies. Among the most ironic events that happen in the book is the death of Simon.

The death of Simon is ironic for numerous factors. For one Simon was simply attempting to notify the remainder of the boys what the monster actually is. Another reason is that he was killed trying to assist the rest of the kids due to the fact that they are blinded by worry which leads them to act upon their violent ideas. Through using paradox in the Lord of the Flies, Golding is revealing that man will and can do awful things when positioned in a hard situation such as surviving due to the fact that the primary goal is to stay alive.

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