Lord of the Flies Loss of Innocence

Lord of the Flies Loss of Innocence

Checking out the timeless unique Lord of the Flies by William Golding, readers are faced with a journey to outsmart characters, dealing with gruesome murders and fights to becoming a more powerful leader. A lot of the kids who were stranded on the island did not understand what would end up being of them. It took 4 young boys, Ralph, Piggy, Jack, and Simon in addition to 3 products, the conch shell, a set of glasses, and Castle Rock, to decide their fate. Who will outlast the other before the fire signals a rescue ship?

When stranded on an island fighting for power seems surpassed, while loss of innocence was extreme, and loss of identity could become deadly; these 3 significant themes are what brought the reader into the fight for survival in Lord of the Files. A taste of power can quickly take hold of the mind, causing it to do offensive things. In Lord of the Files, fight for power is in between Jack and Ralph. Both wish to become leader over the boys, but Ralph was hand selected while Jack wasn’t. Jack was so blood thirsty for power that he would eliminate anybody or do anything to get leadership.

Through out the whole book, Ralph held power when ever he dealt with the conch shell. If anybody held the conch, he could speak or offer his own opinion. Jack buffoons the idea of needing a shell to withhold power, Jack himself chooses to use force. The whole book is dealt with the style of power. It appears that every character needed to deal with power in some method. Even Piggy, he was consistently tortured by jack, having stress. The style power was poison to Ralph and Jacks mind until the very end. The loss of innocence may show to be a result of what type of man an individual is to become.

All the characters needed to deal with the unidentified death of the little boy with a birthmark down his face, it was the very first death within the group of boys. Jack’s big losses of innocence was his first kill. This was the start of the turning point with him, he liked the feeling of bloodshed. It made him wish to continue searching increasingly more. When one boy asked what would happen when the food went out Jack just believed the little ineffective young boys would fit the bill. Thinking about eating and eliminating another human is a huge loss of innocence. Another major act of loss of innocence was Simons murder.

Not just did it trouble the reader, but also Ralph. Ralph consistently blamed himself for Simons death. Ralph and Piggy were there, but did refrain from doing a thing to stop it. Guilt took a toll on them too. Whether it is wicked or good, loss of innocence is certainly different for everyone. Loss of identity could be fatal if one were to be saved. Like Piggy, the reader nor the boys knew his real name, everyone simply called him Piggy. Then once he died, how will his household have the ability to understand what occurred to him once the other young boys were rescued? Some of the little boys too had actually gone the entire book unnamed.

They were only described as the children. Something that had lost its identity, however was found out was the beastie. Initially it was believed to have actually been a snake, however it was not. Concern discover it was a dead man who landed on the island with a parachute. Many things in Lord of the Flies had loss of identity that was unable to be given back. When fighting for power seems exceeded, while loss of innocence was extreme, and loss of identity could end up being deadly, three significant themes are given take on the survival in Lord of the Files.

Power grabbed Jack and Ralph’s mind, the 2 both wanted to be leader when just one could. Loss of innocence happened to Jack a variety of times. Jack liked the feel of bloodshed, and even thought about killing and consuming the little ineffective boys. Also loss of identity, no one will ever familiarize Piggy’s genuine name. He died with that name, and when the others were rescued how would the adults connect with Piggy’s household without any identification or a body? So whether it is a defend power in between good or wicked, or of the loss of innocence, it is all in Lord of the Flies.

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