Lord of the Flies Literacy Criticism

Lord of the Flies literacy criticism

!.?.!? Throughout history numerous concerns about evil in humankind have actually risen. Some of these questions deal with why people are able to get away with doing incorrect, how laws impact peoples behavior, and without laws, would people be inherently evil. In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, a group of young boys are airplane damaged on a un habituated tropical island. On this island, there are no grownups to care for the children so they can act how they please.

Literary critic Kathleen Woodward describes in her essay, Order Can Control Humanity’s Evil Nature, how the children are” freed from the constraints of their own culture”(Woodward10) and able to develop their own set of rules and live as they please. Without enforced Order, societies will stop working, and liberal arts inherently wicked impulse will dominate.? When the children in Lord of the Flies initially live in the island, all was well. When Piggy and Ralph gather everyone on the island, a few standard rules are produced along with a democratic society.

Throughout a meeting, Ralph is elected leader of the group and the conch serves to keep order throughout future group meetings. However, this democratic society did not last long due to the absence of Law enforcement and the quickly diminishing exterior of socially accepted norms. This facade hides the evil that “exists from the beginning, intrinsic not in the island however in the man”(Woodward 3). Despite the fact that some members of the island think they should “have rules and follow them”(Golding 44) because it was apparent that “the world, that easy to understand and lawful world, was slipping away”(Golding 100) as every day passed, most did not think like this. As time continues to pass, it ends up being apparent that the social norms are fading and the naturally wicked attributes of the kids are beginning to reveal. As every day passes it becomes easier for the children to let their true self program without fear of effects. Due to the lack of law and order on the island, Woodward describes how total mayhem has erupted on the island:” The island is going up in flames. The twelve-year-old who has actually been elected chief is being hounded in cold blood by the other children. One small child … has been lost to recklessness in an earlier fire.

Another has been killed by a crazy mob. A 3rd has been intentionally killed”(Woodward 2). It is clear that by the end of the book, the children have the ability to act like their true self and all social norms have disappeared.? Due to the lack of Order, it is almost difficult for the children to achieve a job on the island. For instance, in Lord of the Flies, numerous characters were appointed to keep a fire going so rescuers could spot them. Even a simple job like this was practically impossible because there was no penalty if the children failed.

Along with not being able to keep the fire going, the people designated to supply water failed too. Piggy said: “we were going to have actually water brought from the stream and left in those coconut shells under fresh leaves. So it was, for a few days. Now there’s no water. The shells are dry. Individuals consume from the river”(Golding 87 ). Along with providing water, constructing shelters failed too. It took a long period of time for the shelters to go up and there was not an appropriate number made. Due to a minimum quantity of law and order on the island, civilization failed. Lastly, yet significantly, the children’s naturally evilness comes out in the form of murder. Woodward’s idea that “violence in society occurs out of man’s extremely nature, his instincts”(Woodward 9) is area on. In lord of the flies, 3 kids die. One child is blatantly killed, a young child is eliminated in a fire due to negligence and the 3rd is killed by a wicked mob of hunters. These hunters have such “aggressive instincts”(Woodward 10) they did not recognize they were eliminating Simon, one of their buddies.

Along with murder, numerous of the hunters got a kick out of eliminating the pigs on the island.? In conclusion, it is evident that there is an inherent evil in mankind. Without law and order, civilization will fail as a whole. When there is no federal government or if a single person rules government, small dilemmas can develop into headaches. One example of this is Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party. When one person is handed all of the power, numerous numbers of lives can be lost and people naturally evilness will overcome.

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