Lord of the Flies (Human Nature Essay)

Lord of the Flies (Human Nature Essay)

Humanity in Lord of the Flies In the unique, Lord of the Flies, William Golding is able to utilize his outstanding writing capabilities utilizing metaphors, symbolism, and other literary gadgets to establish a surprise message throughout the book. The surprise message that Golding constructs on is that there is a natural wicked inside every person, which is reduced in an arranged society through laws, rules, and punishment. The young kids in the novel are on an island all by themselves.

There is no penalty for their actions, therefore enabling that evil to come out of the majority of the young boys. All humans have an innate evil within them which evil is drawn out when there is an absence of civilization and repercussion as seen in Simon’s murder, Jack and his tribe attacking Ralph, and Piggy’s murder. Simon’s death exposed the innate evil within the boys of jack’s people. Jack’s people hosts a feast to commemorate the young boys’ very first kill. During the banquet, the kids reenact the killing of the pig and likewise create a circumstance where they pretend to kill the ‘beastie’.

When Simon returns from his encounter with the dead parachutist, he is assaulted and eliminated by the people. The young boys mistook Simon to be the ‘beastie’, as it was dark and challenging to see. “A thing was crawling out of the forest. It came darkly, uncertainly. The piercing screaming that increased prior to the beast was like a pain.” The inherent evil within all of the boys made it their very first impulse to kill. The savage things they do to Simon’s body are revolting. “There were no words, and no motions but the tearing of teeth and claws.” This particular quote makes the young boys look like animals.

A regular boy at the age of 12 or younger would probably escape from a monster not tear it apart. Piggy’s murder was also a result of a natural evil inside Roger produced due to an absence of order within Jack’s people. Roger’s character, as any reader of this unique knows, is somebody who takes pleasure in hurting others. He is a “bigun” who thinks he is tough and picks on the “littluns.” The novel continues to illustrate the advancement of evil within Roger. For example, at one point in the unique, Roger tosses rocks around Henry to terrify him. Round the squatting kid was the defense of moms and dads and school and police officers and the law. Roger’s arm was conditioned by a civilization that understood nothing of him and was in ruins (Golding 65).” Back home, Roger was penalized for any bad habits. On the island, without parents, nor adult supervision, Roger is free to misbehave with no repercussion. When Roger joins Jack’s tribe, he has more freedom, which resulted in his arm no longer being conditioned by civilization, rather through his own will. Roger wished to kill Piggy, not merely to frighten him.

This time Roger followed through with the murder by tossing a stone directly at Piggy’s head, rather of around him. “The rock struck Piggy a glancing blow from chin to knee; the conch took off into a thousand white fragments and disappeared. Piggy, saying nothing, without any time for even a grunt, took a trip through the air sideways from the rock, turning over as he went (200 ).” This eventually led to Piggy’s harsh death. “His head opened and stuff came out and reddened. Piggy’s limbs jerked a bit, like a pig’s after it has actually been killed (201 ). Finally, remaining in an uncivilized environment, without rules or repercussions, the natural evil is revealed as soon as again when Jack and his tribe attack Ralph. At the beginning of this book, it was one magnificent group of young kids defending their survival and attempting to be rescued. As time went on, some of the young boys got tired of guidelines and the amount of work needing to be taken into the group, so the group divided. After the death of Piggy, only Ralph was left from the original group. All the others deserted Ralph and joined the other people.

Jack chooses to send his tribe after Ralph to eliminate him. Prior to the attack, Ralph notices the modification in the boys. “He had glimpsed one of them removed brown, black and red, he had actually evaluated that it was Expense. However really, believed Ralph, this was not Expense. This was a savage whose image refused to mix with that ancient photo of a kid in shorts and t-shirt (203 ).” These young, polite, wonderful British boys had lost their original identity. This savagery and evil habits increased as time went on and kept becoming worse up until murder became simple. These painted savages would go even more and even more (204 )”. Likewise, Jack signifies Satan. That is why when he ends up being the ‘chief’, bad things begin to happen. Ralph on the other hand symbolizes God. He does the best thing no matter what temptation comes his method. It is clear from Simon’s murder, Jack and his tribe assaulting Ralph, and Piggy’s murder that there is a natural evil within us, when left untamed, increases to the surface. This causes wicked acts, savagery, and murder. Will these kids be wicked forever or will that evil be suppressed when again when they return to civilization?

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