Lord of the Flies Chapter 1 Summary — Piggy POV

Lord of the Flies Chapter 1 Summary– Piggy POV

I met Ralph today. He looked like a great person so I informed him my label was Piggy when I was back home. We went down to the beach together and discovered a shell on the beach. We used it to make a trumpet which called the remainder of the boys below the woods to the beach. This is where things went bad, Ralph apparently doesn’t conceal too well. Ralph told everybody that my nickname was Piggy. They haven’t let up on the name either everybody thinks that it’s so funny to call me that.

It does not difficulty me excessive however I ‘d rather them not call me by that name. Today I was informed that the island looks like it’s unoccupied but we’re all getting hungry and have to look for food. I’m getting pretty starving myself however I know we’re going to need shelter and food to make it through on this island. Jack found a piglet earlier and tried to chase him down for food for us however didn’t get it. He appeared really mad about not being to get the piglet. He’s not a friendly person at all.

What Is Piggy’s Real Name

I can connect with Piggy with the name calling due to the fact that my real name is Mackenzie but everyone calls me Mac. No one actually thinks that my name is Mackenzie so it’s surprising to them when they find out but there’s been times where individuals learn and try to use it in an unfavorable way. Either they will try to call me Mackenzie or demand the name being a girl’s name. Generally they forget my name being Mackenzie and just call me Mac however I’ve had a comparable experience where I didn’t ant individuals to understand my name.

“About being called Piggy. I said I didn’t care as long as they didn’t call me Piggy; an’ I stated not to inform and then you went an’ stated straight out”


This is where Piggy challenges Ralph about him telling everybody that his name is Piggy. Piggy is mad that he’ll be understood by that name now since he told someone about it they broke their promise with him. This is the quote that Piggy is really let down that Ralph did that.

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