Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Working his way up Maslow’s Hierarchy of Requirements Ralph a character in Lord of the Flies by William Golding attains needs for self actualization. Based upon Ralph’s habits he satisfies each requirement of the lower level before increasing, thus he supports Maslow’s Hierarchy of Requirements. Towards completion of the unique Ralph was hungry and understood his life remained in grave risk since Jacks soldiers were hunting him.

He sacrificed his security for needs to get food, a standard physical need.

Ralph approached Sam and Eric to collect information and hopefully receive a few of the pig so that he might consume. Ralph shrieked, a scream of fright and anger and desperation … he swerved as a spear flew previous and then was quiet, running.” Because scene of the book Ralph was being gone after by Jack and his hunters. This action supports Maslow’s Hierarchy since physical requirements should be satisfied prior to security. Ralph risked his needs for security in order to get food. All the younger young boys admire Ralph so he feels their love, love and belongingness.

After the young boys were done building some of the shelters they asked “What should we do Ralph what should we do now? On the island Ralph gained the other young boys respect and was made to be chief. After Ralph knew all the kids lagged him and respected what he needed to state he had the ability to move up to the next level on Maslow’s Hierarchy. Ralph acquired self esteem because he had the conch shell, therefore helping him attain self actualization or becoming the chief. As soon as all the young boys were collected on beach by the magnificent blow of the conch, they wished to elect a chief and Ralph won all. “Let him be chief with the trumpet thing. Ralph raised his hand for silence.” Right then Ralph had the respect of the young boys.

Achieving requirements for esteem resulting in self actualization in that he had actually become what he was chief. Ralph attained Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs since he was “born to be” chief, supporting the theory. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Requirements applies in reality; people fallow the different levels in everyday activities. However it is hard to accomplish yet alone keep self actualization due to the fact that people struggle with self-esteem and belongingness. Ralph had the ability to do so because he was one of the older young boys on the island that made him more accountable. He stepped up to the table and focused on what he required to do for his survival.

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