Lord of The Flies: Analysis of Piggy

Lord of The Flies: Analysis of Piggy

LOTF: Analysis of Piggy In William Golding’s unique, “Lord of the Flies” a group of English schoolboys end up being stranded on an island after a fatal airplane crash. Immediately two boys, Ralph and Piggy, befriend each other and call the other boys to have an assembly and to select a leader. Ralph becomes the leader of the civilization and Piggy functions as his advisor to him. Piggy persuades Ralph to do certain things. Piggy’s appearance makes him somebody that the young boys find simple to badger and make fun of, although he is the most intelligent kid out of all of the young boys. He even as an illness called asthma that holds him back from a lot of activities.

The way that Piggy contributed to the society was through his brains, his intellectual side of things. He also acted as the adult with no authority. “Piggy wore the rests of a pair of shorts, his fat body was golden brown, and the glasses still flashed when he looked at anything. He was the only young boy on the island whose hair never seemed to grow. The rest were shock-headed, but Piggy’s hair still lay in wisps over his head as though baldness was his natural state and this imperfect covering would soon god, like velvet on a young stag’s antlers.” (Golding 64). Piggy is, “shorter than the fair kid and extremely fat. (Golding 7). Piggy’s asthma held him back from numerous activities. “My auntie informed me not to run, on account to my asthma. That’s right. Can’t capture my breath.” (Golding 9). “I can’t swim. I wasn’t permitted. My asthma–” (Golding 13) Piggy has been, “using his specs since he was 3.” (Golding 9). Because of Piggy’s physical look, the boys pick on him a lot, specifically Jack. Even though Piggy wasn’t the best looking kid, or the most popular, he was the most intelligent. Piggy is seen as the adult figure in the unique, however an adult without any authority, which’s where Ralph can be found in.

Piggy used Ralph like a pawn to get his ideas throughout through to the kids which’s what had the civilization running for as long as it did. Piggy acts as if he is better than all of the other boys, more remarkable. Piggy sees the boys “acting like a crowd of kids,” (Golding 38) as like an adult would say to little children. Even later in the novel, when the group ends up being more far-off from order, society and civility, Piggy attempts to regain the society like and grownup would. And when everybody seems like civilization is lost, Piggy is the just one keeping it, and since the conch represents civilization, when Piggy stated, “I got the conch.

I tell you, I got the conch,” (Golding 180) it implied that he still thought in the hope of a society. Later in the novel, he attempts, to talk like an adult, to Jack’s dangerous group inquiring, “Which I better– to be a pack of painted Indians like you are or to be reasonable like Ralph is?” (Golding 180) which angers the group, like how children would get distressed with their moms and dads, however in this case, there was not any authority within Piggy to keep back Jack’s group and their actions. This really just pushes them to the edge. So, “Roger, with a sense of delirious desertion, leaned all his weight on the lever. (Golding 180) This led to a rock that, “struck Piggy, a glancing blow from chin to knee; the conch blew up into a thousand white fragments and ceased to exist.” After Piggy died, Ralph does not know what to do anymore. Without Piggy, Ralph simply leads more and more into savagery. “Ralph picked up his stick and prepared for battle.” Piggy symbolizes the intellectual side of society. Piggy acts as the mind of the entire island. Given that none of the boys can think the way he does. He rationally thought up of the idea to assemble all the kids spread around the island, immediately believing on how they will make it through. “We got to find the others.

We got to do something.” (Golding 14) Piggy also thought up of the concept to begin the fire, understanding that marine ships and fleets might see the smoke as a sign for aid. Piggy is always thinking of the sensible thing to do and on how to survive on the island, while the other kids are simply thinking about what they require at the moment. Despite the fact that Piggy is the wise intelligence within the group of young boys, nobody picks to listen to him because of his physical appearance. This clearly reveals that this brand-new society looks after looks more than brains. Without Piggy, there most likely would not even be a civilization to start with. We can utilize this to call the others. Have a meeting. They’ll come when they hear us–. “(Golding 12) Piggy is the one that initially started the civilization and ultimately the last one to keep civilization. Piggy thought up of a bulk of all the excellent concepts that launched the civilization. Even through Piggy’s glasses, the kids made a fire. Fire is referred to as the best discovery of humanity, and Piggy is the only one who is able to produce the fire. “His specs– use them as burning matches.” (Golding 40) Piggy even physically looked like he was trying to hold onto civilization. Piggy wore the rests of a set of shorts, his fat body was golden brown, and the glasses still flashed when he took a look at anything. He was the only kid on the island whose hair never ever appeared to grow. The rest were shock-headed, but Piggy’s hair still lay in wisps over his head as though baldness were his natural state and this imperfect covering would soon god, like a velvet on a young stag’s antlers.” (Golding 64). His hair never grew because he never outgrew civilization. Piggy depicts the intellectual part of society, the most important part of society, but none of the boys realize it.

Piggy’s defects in the “Lord of the Flies” society reveal the problems of human nature. Despite the fact that Piggy sort of usages Ralph to get his ideas to the boys, he admires Ralph and Ralph does not actually acknowledge it. For example, in the start of the book, Ralph needs 3 explorers to check out the island. Piggy uses his support however Ralph turns him down. This demonstrates how much society cares about strength and power over friendship. Likewise, in the “Lord of the Flies” society, the young boys certainly cared about appearance than intelligence. Piggy is seen as “shorter than the fair young boy and really fat. (Golding 7), and that’s what the boys see when they see Piggy. They do not see the smart intellectual individual that Piggy truly is. If only they might see Piggy for his mind, the civilization would have had a much better opportunity at success. Another flaw in human nature that Piggy represented was how if parents did not have authority over their children, and then there would be overall turmoil. Children are extremely hesitant to listen to their moms and dads like how they hesitated to listen to Piggy, however parents set an effect for their kids, requiring them to listen.

Piggy and Ralph never ever really set any repercussions toward the boys so they do not listen. It comes to reveal that without consequences, people will simply not do what they are informed. In the end, Piggy is a short fat boy with glasses, and asthma. He does not look the part of an adult but certainly imitates one. Because of his intellectual strength, the “Lord of the Flies” civilization had the ability to live for as long as it did. Piggy admires Ralph however just get shot down, representing that friendship does not always come first.

Piggy is not the most attractive young boy however makes up for it through his intellectual strength. The problem is that intellectual strength suggests nothing to the boys on the island. This reveals that an individual’s look would come first prior to their thinking ability in a society. Finally, Piggy revealed that without repercussions, children do refrain from doing what they are told. Just a couple of the boys in “Lord of the Flies” followed the island’s rules and chores. Piggy certainly stands apart from the crowd of kids on the island, due to the fact that of his appearance and mind. But in the end, it did nothing for him.

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