Analysis of the Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies

Morally Uncertain Character in Lord of the Flies 1. What does the character do, state, or believe that can be classified as morally wrong? – As the people start to split, Ralph starts to obsess over ‘appeal’ in between him and Jack. He starts to bully Piggy in-order to acquire favor from the other kids. Ralph begin to fall under the savage ways as the other boys have, he even reached to participate in the murder of Simon. 2. What does the character do, state, or think that can be categorized as ethically proper? Ralph can be thought about morally proper, due to his desire for democracy and order, which is symbolized by the structure of his ‘tribe’ and the truth that the only individuals who can talk are those that use the conch. Ralph legitimately cares about his tribe, even the castaway, Piggy, he even respects him. Ralph behaves and acts according to moral standards, but this behavior and these standards appear discovered rather than inherent. Ralph appears to have darker instinctual urges underneath: like the other boys, he gets swept up by bloodlust during the hunt and the dance later. 3.

How do others view the character? – All the other young boys perceive Ralph as being a real leader; he has great power and impact over the other kids. From the start of the unique, it is proven that Ralph has a sense of leadership about him; he is the one who brings all the boys together. 4. How do the character’s actions impact others? – The boys on the island development from well-behaved, orderly kids yearning for rescue to harsh, bloodthirsty hunters who have no desire to go back to civilization, they lose the innocence that they had at the beginning of the book.

Ralph is the ‘voice of factor’, he is the character in the book that brings security and comfort to the littluns, and he is the just one whom keeps order and justice between the young boys. 5. Does the character acknowledge his/her faults? Does he or she alter as an outcome of her/his realization? – After Ralph participates in the ‘banquet’ and the murder of Simon, he finally realizes how incorrect jack and his hunters really are. Ralph continues to reject any participation he had in the death of Simon, highlighting a sense of duty in him, he then goes to attempt and stop Jack and the hunters. What message about morality is conveyed by the advancement of this character? – In the story the boys turned savage without the control of grownups (or direction from god). It reveals that without a higher power for mankind to look to, society will weaken into chaos. Without Ralph’s morals he would have eventually become a savage, much like the other kids. Guys’ fundamental evil, if delegated their own develops, will eventually conquer them.

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