Life of Pi vs The Odyssey Comparative Essay

Life of Pi vs The Odyssey Relative Essay

Two Remarkable Journeys Life standed on the sea is really difficult and risky. Just a few have the ability to deal with the challenging jobs of such a scenario using their wits and determination. In the book Life Of Pi and the movie The Odyssey, the journeys of the main characters are surprisingly parallel, considering the works were written over 20 centuries apart. Both of their journeys include phases comparable to the stereotypical hero journey, including the Separation/Departure, Initiation and The Return. Although both Pi and Odysseus face remarkable challenges, Pi’s character is more appealing ecause through his very first person narrative, the reader is drawn to his delicate nature, his vulnerability and his unique personality while Odysseus is intriguing since of the hero stereotype re represents. In the Separation/Departure phase, both males hesitate at first to start their journeys, however due to forces beyond their control, they depart for extraordinary experiences at sea. For example, when Pi’s family exposes that they are transferring to Canada, Pi is reluctant and does not want to leave. Pi shows his doubt when he states “Why enter this jungle of foreignness where everything is new, unusual, and hard? (Martel, 86). He was “thunderstruck” (Martel, 88) at the thought of moving by likewise stating “It was like Timbuktu, by definition a location permanently far” (Martel, 88). Pi has actually created a familiar world of household, filled with faiths, his mentors and peace, however is now crossing to an unidentified territory far away. Similarly, Odysseus did not want to leave for the Trojan War as he would be leaving his family. He is contacted us to the fight just after his son Telemachus was born, and he is reluctant. Odysseus enjoys his family, despite the fact that he is viewed as a common brawny warrior. This shows that he wants to stay behind to look after his kid nd partner but nevertheless performed his task since he is a brave soldier at heart. The resemblance in between those two here is that they both taken pleasure in life in your home, however had to start their journeys due to political chaos– For Pi it was Ghandi’s takeover of India that triggered his household to leave, and for Odysseus it is the statement of the Trojan War. In the start of their journeys, Pi crosses the limit when the Tsimtusm sinks, and this requires him to get on a raft to begin his adventure at sea. This can be seen when Pi describes the sinking of the boat which “… made a sound like a monstrous metallic burp” (Martel, 107).

Pi also expresses his horror when he states, “Inform me it’s a bad dream. Tell me it’s not genuine. Inform me I’m still in my bunk on the Tsimtusm and I’m tossing and turning and soon I’ll awaken from this problem” (Martel, 107). This shows the crossing of the limit for Pi as he is the only human survivor who enters this unfamiliar location. This crossing from his familiar life to a much more hazardous one creates a struggle for him to go back to his regular world. Similarly, for Odysseus, he crosses the threshold a few times and it begins after the Trojan War when he angers Poseidon. This is seen when he oasts that he defeated the Trojans by himself, thus angering Poseidon who makes him suffer. His conceit produces a much more hard journey house since Poseidon consistently sends him off course preventing his return home for many years. Both character cross the threshold in various methods, It is required upon Pi whereas Odysseus brought it on himself. This is significantly accurate considering that Pi is innocent and did nothing to sustain his fate and the struggle that he needed to withstand. Nevertheless Odysseus’s crossing of the threshold is since of his ego which he has to pay the cost for boasting about himself winning the war.

Simply put, both characters were reluctant to cross the threshold, but in Pi’s case his scenario appears more devastating as he is still young and needs to bear with the total loss of his family. Throughout their initiations, Pi and Odysseus must deal with many difficult trials on their road to survival and ultimate benefit. Pi’s main trials are the threat of the tiger and the general threat of making it through from hunger, thirst and nature. With Richard Parker, Pi needs to continuously discover a method to train him, as he sometimes describes: “Let the trumpets blare. Let the drums roll. Let the show begin” (Martel, 182).

This shows the significance of training to him. He will call himself “THE PI PATEL, INDO-CANADIAN, TRANS-PACIFIC, FLOATING CIRCUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” (Martel, 183). Also in order to prevent starvation he need to eat meat, as he recounts it for the first time by stating “It was a great discovery when I found that a fresh-tasting fluid could be sucked out not just from the eyes of larger fish however also from their vertebrae” (Martel, 235). He describes turtles as “… a bowl of hot soup– became my favourite dish” (Martel 235). These quotes show Pi’s effort to train the tiger and utilizing his wits to outsmart im in addition to the discovery of utilizing aquatic creatures for meat/ food sources. Back to Odysseus, After being cursed by Poseidon his journey back home includes nothing but dreadful trials such as the Cyclops and Lotus eaters. For example after Odysseus sets cruise Poseidon produces a fog causing them to satisfy a frustrating enemy, by trapping them in the Cyclops’s cave. Nevertheless Odysseus gets the Cyclop drunk and stabs him in the eye, allowing them to leave. This represents his cunning bravery which conserves most of his males and himself. One similarity for both character’s road of trials is that they are all bigger than life.

None of their difficulties are ordinary or perhaps realistic. However Pi’s challenges are consistent throughout the novel and there is no genuine relief or modification of speed for him. On the other hand Odysseus’s bizarre obstacles are constantly changing and develops an episodic storyline. Likewise he stands with a lot of his team and enjoys them pass away during a few of those trials while Pi faces his difficulties alone. Many months later, after Pi endure on the sea for 227 days he is rewarded an opportunity for recovery at an algae island before the final lap of his journey. When he sees the heavenly island initially, he expresses that when he “… ake in green, after a lot blue, was like music to my eyes” (Martel, 285). Also when he consumes the green vegetation he comments “saliva powerfully oozed through … “I tore at the algae around me” (Martel, 288). After making it through on the sea for so long, he is lastly provided fresh food and water, enabling him to stay alive until he reaches mainland. Odysseus likewise gets a break when he drifts along to Calypso’s island, after all the horrors he endures. There he is taken care of by a beautiful lady named Calypso and she offers Odysseus the rest and treatment he needs. This reveals that by getting rid of all he challenges tossed at him, he is rewarded a chance to take a break, although Calypso intended to keep him there permanently. The similarity here in between the two is that both rewards offer some type of healing, allowing them to relax prior to reaching their destination. Yet Pi’s reward is normally smaller sized/ less rewarding compared to Odysseus due to the fact that Odysseus still knows his household is back home while Pi still has to bear the loss of whatever. All in all, while Pi had a sustained and extended struggle with the tiger and starvation, Odysseus’s roadway of trials is more different and amazing to enjoy.

Both heros did, however, get a rest near completion. When a hero is close to being home, though grateful for being alive, their return typically includes one last task that he/she needs to complete. Pi crosses the return threshold when he is found on the coast of Mexico and while being assisted by the regional individuals, he tinges with the unhappiness of the loss of his tiger. He specifies that he is saved when “… a member of my own types found me” (Martel, 316). Revealing his release from hell, he also states “I wept like a kid” (Martel, 316). So although relieved to be cared for, he is still grieving the loss of his household and Richard Parker.

For Odysseus’ crossing of the threshold it occurs when he arrives home by boat, happily, with Athena changing his look to assist him. He is seen delighted when reunited with his old good friend (the goatkeeper) and his boy Telemachus. Nevertheless he finds out he has one more challenge to deal with in order to attain happiness. Though he is joyful to be home, his joy is a bit reduced when wondering if his wife had kept their promise. He ends up being quite angry upset and fired up with what he sees back in the town, definitely not the serene reunion he had expected with his other half. There is very little resemblance in between their rossing of the return threshold except that they both return on land, but Pi is extremely ill and fatigued while Odysseus seem not. However Odysseus still has his family, while Pi’s is certainly dead. Likewise Odysseus has another obstacle to deal with in your home while Pi has no physical obstacle but must now reconstruct his whole life from scratch. After being conserved, Pi’s last little barrier is in the health center when interrogated by private investigators from the sunken ship. As Pi explains his story, they challenges his tale by saying “Mr. Patel, we don’t think in your story” (Martel, 324). They also states “It does not hold up” (Martel, 324).

Finally Pi states, “I understand what you want. You desire a story that will not surprise you” (Martel, 336). Because his experience is so unusual, these males did not truly accept it. But since he had really brilliant imagination, he comprises an entirely new version of the journey to state to them and makes everyone satisfied. Back to Odysseus, when he shows up back at his homeland Ithika, he discovers one more job which he straight challenges in camouflage. When he reaches back to his town, there is many males triggering chaos battling to win over his spouse. There is a contest to figure out the future partner and he joins to end the madness.

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Odysseus needs to take part in yet another battle, initially by completing the contest by stringing his bow and shoots an arrow with it into the twelve lined up rings completely. Then he changes back into his typical self and kills all the suitors, ending the drama. Compareing both of their magic flight, it is a much harder task for Odysseus as it is Physically more requiring. Pi’s last difficulty is small and it triggers us to question the credibility of his whole journey. However he is still quite physically and psychologically drained. For that reason, while Odysseus revealed his physical ability once again Pi is undoubtedly suffering in a more profound method filled ith grief and future uncertainty. These 2 characters both showed strong qualities to finish their journeys, and while they shared comparable stages there is more compassion towards Pi due to his loss of innocence. By taking a look at the Separation, Initiation, and Departures, they all include crucial phases for the hero to move on. The basic process appears to be that the hero leaves his home to a brand-new unfamiliar place, gains experience/ ability, and returns house with boon or new understanding. With these said, though Pi and Odysseus’ adventures shared comparable plots, it is mportant to keep in mind that Pi is a bachelor surviving on the raft, without any other buddies other than the Royal Bengal tiger. On the other hand Odysseus has his crew throughout a few of his journey. It can be argued that Pi had a tougher time at the sea, but to be reasonable Pi is only 16, whereas Odysseus is an adult stranded out wild for several years. His exploits were interesting and entertaining however his personality had no depth. Pi is a lot more susceptible and he generates our pity. Because he is so creative, poetic and even humorous sometimes, he is more attractive to us throughout the amazing difficulties.

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