Letter From Birmingham Jail Symbols And Motifs

Letter From Birmingham Prison Signs And Themes

The City of Birmingham and the State of Alabama The city of Birmingham, Alabama, is the focus of the events explained in this essay. Located in the South and home to Bull Connor, the segregationist public security commissioner, Birmingham represents the racism of the South. King also represents Birmingham as a place where African-Americans have actually participated in nonviolent direct actionto accomplish greater freedom. Birmingham hence likewise works as a sign for the commitment of African-Americans to the battle for freedom even in the face of violent opposition.

Birmingham City Prison While African-Americans frequently encounter racial oppression in prisons, particularly, and the criminal justice system in basic, in “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” King represents that prison as a space in which faith is evaluated by the power structure. King traces this point of view on incarceration all the method back to early Christians, who were persecuted in the Roman world.

Funtown At one point in the essay, King asks the reader to picture what it feels like when: you seek to discuss to your six year old child why she can’t go to the general public theme park that has actually simply been marketed on tv, and see tears welling up in her eyes when she is informed that Funtown is closed to colored kids, and see ominous clouds of inferiority beginning to form in her little psychological sky, and see her beginning to distort her character by developing an unconscious bitterness toward white individuals (92 ). In this context, exemption from Funtown highlights the far-flung, mental problem of longstanding oppression on African-Americans, one that starts in childhood.

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