Letter From Birmingham Jail Essay Topics

Letter From Birmingham Prison Essay Topics

1. In “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” King argues that” [I] njustice anywhere is a hazard to justice all over” (87 ). What does King suggest when he states this? What does he acquire in making this specific argument?

2. King uses numerous persuasive appeals throughout the essay to support his argument. Determine examples of each sort of appeal used and explain why this appeal is likely to interest the specific audience for the essay.

3. Evaluation the 8 Alabama clergymen’s “A Call for Unity,” which is extensively readily available online. To which portions of their essay does King respond? Do you find his reactions to be effective? Discuss why or why not.

4. Describe the persona of King in this essay. Based upon what you know or find through research study about the context for his letter, discuss why King may have presumed this persona.

5. A trademark of effective argument or persuasion is making typical cause with your readers. Talk about King’s efforts to discover commonalities in between himself and his readers.

6. King uses criticism of several groups in the essay. Identify each of these groups and describe why King disagrees with their point of view on the concern of civil liberties.

7. King makes effective use of literary devices to create a strong declaration on his actions in Birmingham. Identify one or more literary gadgets King utilizes in the essayand offer analysis of how King uses these devices to improve his message.

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