Letter from Birmingham Jail (analysis)

Letter from Birmingham Prison (analysis)

Initially, he must convince his audience, the clergymen, that he is credible and has good character. He does so by composing, “l have the honor of functioning as homeowner of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.” (King Jar., 1 963) He continues from that declaration by saying that his group is connected with 85 other organizations. He likewise specifies that he has organizational ties to Birmingham which is why he is there. He is not attempting to interfere, but rather was welcomed to Birmingham.

He reveals that he is not only an essential character but also has strong principles and morals. He demonstrates to the clergymen that he is a guy that can be trusted to stay with his word. He also revealed great character in the writing of his letter by not attacking the clergymen. He openly challenged their point of view however did so in a considerate manner. He uses the feelings of the clergymen a couple of times throughout the letter. One example is: “…

When you suddenly discover your tongue twisted and your speech stammering as you seek to describe to your 6 year old child why she can’t go to the public theme park that has simply been promoted on television and see the tears welling up in her eyes when she is told that Function is closed to colored children, and see threatening clouds of inferiority starting to form in her little mental sky, and see her beginning to distort her rationality by developing an unconscious bitterness towards white individuals …” (King Jar., 1 963) This action provides the reader a within kick at what it is like to face segregation.

The reader can picture what it would be like if it was his/ her own child that was being told they couldn’t go to the amusement park. The eyes of the clergymen might likewise be filling with tears as they feel the heartbreak of a child. Throughout his letter he highlighted the distress and suffering that is felt by colored individuals every day. DRP. King often utilizes reasoning throughout his letter. He brought up numerous fantastic truths and beliefs that agreed him. We must never forget that whatever Doll Hitler performed in Germany was ‘legal’ and whatever the Hungarian flexibility fighters did in Hungary was ‘prohibited.’ (King Jar., 1963) DRP. King specified that even if he lived in a Communist nation today he would disobey those laws that he believed were unjust, and would freely promote others to do the same. He discussed to his fellow clergymen that it is sometimes better to disobey a law than to follow it. He broke laws that he felt were unfair and mentioned that others ought to abide by the laws that are just. Throughout DRP. Kings whole letter he keeps a level head and does not play into the movements that frequently include a heated argument. His arguments were really wholehearted and passionate.

In conclusion, DRP. King eloquently supplies his point of view and arguments. He reveals numerous times through the letter that he is an ethical individual and has great character. He does what he believes to be best even if it goes against a law. He uses the emotions of the clergyman often times throughout the letter, however none much better than when describing his children failure to go to the amusement park based on the color of her skin. His arguments are rational and require the clergymen to more consider what DRP. King stands for. DRP.

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