Letter from Birmingham Jail Analysis

Letter from Birmingham Jail Analysis

Document Analysis: “Letter from Birmingham Prison” This is a letter written by Martin Luther King, Jr. while he was being kept in Birmingham Prison. He was included this jail for arranging and carrying out a tranquil nonviolent demonstration on the racial partition going on in Birmingham. It was one of a variety of segregation protests that he was performing in Alabama. The main reason why he was holding these demonstrations in Alabama and other southern states is because at the time they were last people still holding on to and believing that segregation is ethically acceptable. This wasn’t King’s very first time being to prison.

At this time he was continuously being persecuted for his beliefs that partition and bigotry is unethical. One point that needs to be brought up about King is that he was a clergyman so the majority of his concepts and beliefs showed that of the church. He took the basic ideas of his church and created morals that the whole world could reflect on and realize that it was in the best interest for humanity as a whole whether you worshipped his exact same religious beliefs or not. I think that the primary reason the south was staying so true to segregation is that they feared modification.

They were satisfied with how things were primarily since they weren’t feeling the racism and hate such as the blacks were feeling. This letter was written as a method for King to respond to criticism from a letter composed by eight clergymen referring to King’s protest which landed him in the Birmingham Prison. The clergymen’s letter is pretty much they’re method to explain why they did what they did, generally putting a bulk of protestors in prison. In this letter they thank the cops and acknowledge their “bravery” in dealing with the situation.

When King read this he was stunned by the lack of knowledge of the clergyman, therefore writing his letter from Birmingham Jail. He begins by discussing why he picked Birmingham and why he selected the time of his protest. One of his bottom lines was the reality that Birmingham was the most segregated city in the United States. He states if your going to defend what you think in then you’ll combat the issue at the core. He goes on to the bottom line of the paper by offering his viewpoint on what a law ought to be. The reason why he does this is because the clergymen were mocking him on breaking laws himself then telling others to comply with the laws.

He goes on to say that a law is an unfair law is it oppresses others character. He says laws that follow this rule are simply and deserve to be followed for the good of humanity. I believe that by definition this letter is completely bias, however, I believe that everybody back in those times were biased. King being among the very first one to bring these differences to the table, turned the whites on to how the blacks felt about the method they were being treated. This is what we needed at the time. Whites required to know that the blacks were just as much individuals as they were which they should have the very same rights as the got.

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