Letter from Birmingham Jail – A Peaceful Protest Against Partition

Letter from Birmingham Prison

On Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was detained throughout a peaceful protest against partition. In his letter to clergymen, King communicates his seriousness in altering segregation laws by using a series of rhetorical strategies, such as metaphors, antithesis, parallelism, individual anecdote, antimetabole, and principles to reinforce his argument. In paragraph 13 King starts by utilizing a basic however effective approach of utilizing metaphors. “Illness of partition” is used straight to compare partition as if it were a disease.

The take his side. Paragraph 14 is the most crucial paragraph consisting of the most rhetorical gadgets than any other paragraph in the letter. Paragraph 14 starting in the middle of the fourth line starts a long routine sentence which happens to be an individual anecdote. King is telling a story of what the everyday black male offered by the oppressor; it must be required by the oppressed.” The tone of seriousness is instilled even more to the people by saying “justice denied” to those who patiently wait as informed.

His usage of the pronoun “you” singles out the reader to envision what oppression fells like and to try and put them in a situation where you “discover it difficult to wait” for change. In the Letter from Birmingham Prison, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. appeals mainly to the heart of the reader with his intense usage of ethos. Principles is essential for altering the mind of the reader to strike them from the inside. Though all the devices utilized aid to contribute to his letter, it motivates the reader to not only consider the brilliant image painted for them by King’s words, but to know something much be done and quickly. WORD COUNT:556

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