Why Does Dr. Martin Luther King was called an extremist

Letter From Birmingham jail

Letter From Birmingham jail Noah-Sharp Noah Sharp Mrs. Myers “r. Lang & & Compensation 7th 27 March, 2015 Letter From Birmingham Jail While Martin Luther King Jr uuas in jail in Birmingham, Alabama for unlawfully objecting for civil rights for frican mericans fellow clergyman published a letter critical of K actions. Dr. King would refute the claims made versus him in his own etter addressed back to the clergyman. In his letter Martin Luther K ing refutes claims of him being an extremist, being an outsider in irmingham, and likewise being untimely with the protests that he led

To begin with, Dr. Martin Luther King was called an extremist by the clergyman. Initially he w as angered by this claim, however after some thinking he chose to accept the title of an extremist. Through a series of rhetorical concerns King discussed how he is going to be an extremist for great instead of bad. Later on in the paragraph O r. King would relate himself to numerous historical extremists. He compared himsel fro Jesus Christ who battled to spread the gospel around the globe, Abraha m Lincoln who combated to eliminate slavery in the United States. d likewise he corn pared himself to Martin Luther who fought to spread out Lutheranism throughout Europe in the early 15005. He is the one who would decrease in history as the nex t great extremist for defending civil liberties in the United States and prospering. Furthermore, King would refute the claims of being an outdoors in girmingham Alabama, He says in the letter, since he is a citizen of the United States of America that h e has every legal right to be anywhere within the United States. He compared himself to the Apostle Paul.

Paul would circumnavigate Europe and preach the gospel of Jesus Ch rist _ Paul might not have been wanted in the place that he remained in just like Dr. King, however neither Pau nor Martin Luther King had to leave because there were no laws prohibit ing them from being there. Also Dr. King was welcomed to Birmingham to p rotesr tor civil liberties. He said “Several months ago the affiliate here in gir mingham asked us to be on call to engage in a nonviolent direct action program”. Finally, Martin Luther King would refute claims of his protests being unfortunate Dr.

King displays in his letter that there disappears time that the african am erican individuals can invest waiting. King shcws in his writing that there was no stopping them. He says in the letter, “Suddenty you find your speech stammering as you look for to discuss to your six years of age child why she can not go to the local theme park since it is closed to colored children”. King shows that he can not this pain any longer. which it needs to be put to a stop. King likewise can not let the federal government keep pressing bachelor’s degree ck their demonstrations.

He uses an example that compared Asia and Africa who hav equality tor all to moving at jet like speeds and the United states to Mo wing at a horse and buggy speed since we are still fighting to get a cup of toffee at a lunch counter. To conclude, King refutes these claims in an extremely educated way revealing that the United States has gone out excuses to stop their protests. Dr King. r efutes claims of being an extremist, an outsider in Birmingham, and being unforeseen with his This letter has decreased in histOO/ as a literary work of art and will continue to he checked out for generations to come.

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