Society in the Letter from Birmingham Jail

The main argument of Dr. King adjusts to a notion that the experiences of the Negroes are fairly unneeded for a nation which projects itself as the cradle of peace and justice. He provided the relative oppressions to the “colored” individuals which the social structure of the country has been thoroughly carrying out with no basis.

He argued that keeping the kind of society in which another sector is being oppressed will never ever attain any forms of stability and peace for the oppressed will constantly seek freedom; that freedom is going to worth blood and disgust in order to keep.

The performance of his arguments was presented with remarkable levels. He didn’t just capture the sentiments of the Negroes but had the ability to inject the feelings to anyone who are or was a victim of oppression, injustice and discrimination. The arguments might be literally dealt with to the whites and blacks of America but their really essence can be used to any forms of prejudiced issue considering that he provided a big scope of effects. There are numerous reasons Dr. King’s argument discussion was effective.

First, he started a clarification about his previous actions which have actually resulted in the specific occasions of him being locked up. He utilized this narration effect to prepare the reader how he happened with such a problem which will usually offer a compassion impact. Next, he permitted the presentation of what has been happening with all of the Negro population in the United States during that time and clearly discussed the literal segregation of the remaining groups of the society towards colored individuals. He even utilized the figures of religious leaders and notable icons to contrast how they were useless characters in developing understandable actions.

Lastly, he presented the largest scope of impacts to the whole nation if colored individuals will be treated in ways oppressive to them. In general, King was able to predict a rational thinking why he was not really troubled with his scenario however what will take place to his remaining ‘brothers’. According to Maggie Escalas et al, providing reasoning in an argument can increase the magnitude effects of a disagreement, and Dr. King had the ability to accomplish it. Functions Pointed Out Escalas, Maggie. “Logical Fallacies.” Literacy Education Online 1998 1. 20 01 2008 <

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