Letter from Birmingham Jail

Letter from Birmingham Jail

Nonviolent Strategies When MLK talks about the “end” I think he is talking about a conclusion to any scenario. Whether it is death or the resolution of a conflict, completion can either be good or bad. In among King’s action programs should constantly be nonviolent, in turn leading to a simply and pure endings. When we take war for instance, the end is unquestionably going to end with the loss of soldiers and innocent people defending their nations, however had the nations taken the nonviolent method, then many lives are saved.

Take the present War on Iraq for instance, 4500 lives would be saved, and over 32,000 wounded wouldn’t be. I know that sounds strange and unreasonable to make that declaration however it is the unsightly truth. War is a prime example for King’s idea that is required of violent disobedience. When compared to The Qualities of the Prince, Machiavelli’s ideas, I felt, are more towards a prince as compared to Letters from Birmingham Prison where it is towards society, and individuals. Niccolo Machiavelli determines his concepts of a fantastic leader, and how a leader needs to guide his individuals.

King offers concepts to people to better society through nonviolent strategies. Both do seem to meet eye to eye when it happens merciful and not terrible towards individuals. The something that I considerably appreciate is Martin Luther’s individuality, he is not scared to defend himself and defend his rights, and most significantly speak his mind. That is a big distinction in between the 2 authors; Machiavelli attempts to gain from the accomplishments and errors from past leaders such as Cesar Borgia, Alexander, Scipio, Cyprus, etc who were all mentioned in The Qualities of the Prince.

MLK becomes a leader from his reality, nerve, and individual experience instead of others experiences. King distinguishes himself from the others because he was so brave and modest and didn’t ask for anything in return for attempting to assist the motion of racially equality. Martin Luther King’s view is more unwise when the two concepts are compared however, I personally concur with King’s point of nonviolent needs that will ideally and eventually become a pure ending. If life was simple as MLK makes it sound, and if these concepts were actually executed then we, for the many part, would live peacefully.

But the truthful truth is that there is little chance that this will happen without a strong dramatic reform, starting with the federal government. There are a number of quotes that exhibit King’s passion towards the movement of nonviolent civil disobedience. He states, “It is incorrect to utilize unethical means to obtain moral ends”, which in my viewpoint could not have actually been stated any much better to support his nonviolent action programs. He is simply suggesting that you shouldn’t do the incorrect things to make it right, or as the infamous quote goes, “2 wrongs don’t make a right”.

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