Letter from Birmingham Jail Explanation

Letter from Birmingham Jail

Letter from Birmingham Jail Ortega6 Ortega, Lilette 12 Teacher Alsafar ENC1102 MWF/11 -11:50 March 25, 2013 Martin Luther King’s Viewpoint ofJustice Martin Luther Kings “Letter from Birmingham Prison” was written in action to a public statement of issue and care issued by 8 white spiritual leaders otthe souttm His motivation for composing the letter was the clergymen’s unjust proposals and the letter permitted him to present his counterclaim. In this letter, King explains his viewpoint. n’hich includes his views Of “simply laws” and “unjust laws.” He also explains his views on the morality of breaking laws, and which laws can be broken.

To start off, Or. Martin Luther Kings view for an unjust law is “a code that is out ot consistency with the moral law” (King 4) He believes that any law that degrades human personality is an unfair law. An unjustified law is generally a code that inflicts on minority that is not binding itself. A concrete example of an unfair law is essentially distinction made legal. Another explanation of an unjustified law by Dr. King is “An unjust law is a code inflicted upon a minority Which that minority had no art in enacting or producing due to the fact that it did not have that unhampered right to vote” (King 4).

In Kings letter, he explains how the segregation law in Alabama was nor democratically chosen. He does this hy staring that throughout rhe state of Alabama there are lots of techniques utilized to avoid Negroes from ballot, or perhaps ending up being registered voters. He likewise explains how there are some states and nations without a single Negro signed up to vote despite the fact that Negroes constitute a majority of the population in the majority of states and countries. Dr. King specified in his letter that he was jailed tor a charge ot parading without a ermit.

This is an example of a law that is lust on its face and unfair in its application. Of course. the law is the law and there is absolutely nothing worng with the ordinance on parading without a permit, however when the regulation is utilized to prevent just, protect partition, and reject people of the First Modification privilege of peaceful assembly and tranquil protest, that is when it becomes unjust These are his views on the unfair To continue, Or, Martin Luther Kinms view of a simply law is” a code that majority obliges a minority to follow. which is willing to follow itself’ (King 7).

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