How Does Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Link to Different Poems All Illustrating Love and Conflict in a Parent-Child Relationships?

How Does Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Link to Various Poems All Illustrating Love and Dispute in a Parent-Child Relationships?In all the different texts that were studied, the themes of’Love & dispute ‘are apparent. In Shakespeare’s & Play’ Romeo and Juliet’, we think that perhaps the nurse has more affection for Juliet compared to her actual moms and dads. It was the nurse that raised and breastfed her. Her parents appear to be rather remote and distanced and are more interested in managing her. However, we see their genuine love for her when they are grief-stricken after they discover Juliet’s death. In Catrin, like the Capulet’s, we can see the mother, Gillian Clarke trying to control her child. However this is not a significant conflict simply a petty dispute

in which the mom recognises that conflict will always belong of mother/daughter relationships. This can be seen in What has actually Occurred to Lulu, where the fight between mother and child has escalated to the point where the child felt she must leave. Likewise, in the poem, A wintry Night, Alice is angry as her mom’s love is controlling and smothering. The texts recommend that relationships are not always healthy in between parents and daughters. The structure of Romeo and Juliet takes the type of a traditional story

with the establishing issue of Juliet’s set up marital relationship reaching a climax with her death then a resolution of the feuding households fixing up. In Catrin, the classical structure is abandoned: and replaced with a more complex narrative beginning with a flashback. It is the just at the end where we understand their dispute. In’A Frosty Night’and’What has happened to Lulu? We see a more traditional structure with the story unfolding in a chronological method. However, what is fascinating about the twentieth century texts is that none are fixed at the end unlike Romeo and Juliet.

Shakespeare’s play is rather alike’A Frosty Night’as the dispute is revealed through discussion while in ‘Catrin ‘and ‘What Has Actually Happened to Lulu’the story is communicated through the very first person. The social and historical contexts of the texts are significant in a different way. Romeo and Juliet was composed in the late 16th century while the other poems were written in the modern and, therefore, shows the mindsets and values of their times. In Romeo and Juliet, unlike today, kids weren’t expected to question the authority of their moms and dads. Additionally, it was the tradition

for parents to organize their children’s marital relationship and often causes major dispute. This is evident in Shakespeare’s play and ultimately leads to the death of both children. In all the poems, the conflict in a parent-child relationship isn’t as major as in Romeo and Juliet. While Alice and Lulu felt restricted and constrained by their mothers they could a minimum of have acted more assertive with their moms and dads and even leave home as Lulu’s disappearance was. In Catrin, the dispute is of an unimportant nature which would make event in most families. In spite of their evident distinctions, what is impressive is

that parent/child conflict has actually persisted through time and for that reason it is possible to understand the conflict between Juliet and her parent’s despite the fact that it was edited 4 hundred years ago. In all the texts, effective emotive language is shown. In’Romeo and Juliet’, we see Old Capulet verbally assaults Juliet in an aggressive and threatening way, “Hang thee, Young Baggage! Disobedient Wretch! “he yells. While in’Catrin’, Clarke uses the powerful metaphor “tight red rope of love which we both contested “. In’ A Wintry Night ‘, Robert

Graves ends the poem and the mother/daughter conversation with Alice shouting,”Mom let me go “. Also, in ‘What Has Actually Happened to Lulu”the younger sibling exposes”I heard somebody cry, in anger or in discomfort “. Possibly it is not surprising that emotive language is employed after all the poems are substantiated of love.

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