Homer’s The Odyssey

Homer’s The Odyssey

In Homer’s The Odyssey, our main character, Odysseus, battles a task of obstacles on the course back to his family and house. Throughout every catastrophe experienced in Book 2, Odysseus remains a true leader and aims to bring his people and himself home after several years. Odysseus has been known by numerous to be an epic hero, specified as somebody who is higher than a typical person however lower than an extremely human or a God. By using qualities such as curiosity, bravery, cleverness and nobility, a conclusion can be made.

Schedule Two shows that Odysseus genuinely can not be anything however a legendary hero and a leader to all. Interest is a much generalized characteristic that is shown as neither a super-human characteristic nor a regular human trait. Nevertheless, interest is of value to a true leader and hero who must want to look beyond the obvious and to show bravery no matter what is discovered. Without curiosity, discoveries might never be made. Odysseus’ interest is utilized when he is able to pose as among Penelope’s suitors. If his real identity had actually been known he would not have actually been able to reveal his abilities with his bow.

His curiosity to observe others under his disguise assisted him in this scene as he was able to talk with his old servant and observe the other suitors. By observing under camouflage, his interest was soothed as he found what had actually been happening with Penelope while he was gone (p. 936-943, lines 1082-1300, “The Test of the Terrific Bow” and “Death at the Palace”). He also shows curiosity when he poses as a beggar to his son right before the Gods reveal his true identity (p. 929-930, lines 935-990, “Fulfilling of Dad and Kid”). He is able to hear what has been going on in his house for the last few years without his kid understanding who he actually is.

This soothes his curiosity for understanding of the times given that his departure. Bravery remains in my viewpoint the most important mark of a leader. Odysseus shows this characteristic throughout every scene in the Odyssey. Bravery is shown in scenes of Book 2, where he reveals his real identity (p. 931, lines 1006-1035), (p. 938, lines 1155-1159), and likewise in scenes where Odysseus kills Penelope’s suitors (p. 942 lines, 1253-1260). In these lines Odysseus does not understand the reactions he will receive from his household when his identity is exposed.

He is brave in showing who he truly is and ridding himself of the beggar’s disguise. He is also brave in fighting for his other half, whom he has actually not been in contact with her for many years, and in eliminating all the men who were aiming to wed her. Nobility is a characteristic that not many people have. This makes it more of an incredibly human quality. The dictionary defines noble as “the state or quality of being a superb character”. Odysseus shows nobility in many scenes of Sequel, simply by being wholehearted and kind. The only time he is violent or impolite is at a point where disrespect and violence are called upon.

He then kills Penelope’s suitors. Odysseus shows real nobility in parts such as p. 930, lines 977-978 and page 938, lines 1157-1159. In these lines Odysseus reveals he is genuinely noble by treating all males as equals, although he is of greater class than many. On page 930 Odysseus reveals true self-respect and regard for his child. While impersonated a beggar, Odysseus leaves his seat and provides it to his child as the young boy goes into the room. Although Odysseus has not had contact with his son and is dressed like a peasant, he reveals a terrific quantity of respect by standing and offering his chair to him.

Odysseus reveals the most nobility on page 938, where he fulfills his servant after several years. His servant, Eumaues, reveals his happiness of seeing Odysseus again and Odysseus returns the emotion. He hugs the old servant and both males rupture into tears. This scene shows love, generosity, and nobility in the best manner possible, not looking down on anyone and speaking with all as equals and pals. Cleverness is yet another trait that is not plainly defined as either an extremely human or a typical human attribute.

Odysseus shows cleverness throughout his function of playing someone else, and in the manner ins which he provides himself to all as a poor beggar and a suitor. Odysseus shows his cleverness in the scene “Meeting of Daddy and Son”, where he reveals his true identity and is altered by the gods from a beggar to himself. He was creative in the manner of camouflage and with his actions, while playing a part to his boy, till he exposed himself (p. 930, lines 979-1004). Cleverness is likewise displayed when he enacts a suitor to reach Penelope (p. 942, lines 1254-1303).

Odysseus really is believing in this scene with his bow, completing for Penelope. He does not simply stroll into the room and state “hi, I’m Odysseus, leave my home”! He has a considered strategy and acts upon this by contributing so that he will be accepted as another person. Because of his actions, he wins Penelope back and re-claims his kingdom. Throughout all scenes in Book 2, we see qualities of Odysseus being displayed. By selecting which qualities are normal human and super human, and using them to the Odyssey, a conclusion is made. Odysseus can not be anything but a true legendary hero.

Odysseus, by meaning, fits the part of an impressive hero by being in a higher class than a mortal, showing all characteristics spoken about above. All of the qualities shown are seldom discovered in human beings however are seldom found in Gods either. The characteristics appear to be too helpful for a normal human and very few people in fact have attributes such as bravery or cleverness and especially nobility. They all rank just in the center where the meaning of a legendary hero must stand. The only quality a regular human does have sometimes is interest.

Nevertheless, this is found to be a fantastic trait to possess and all individuals, extremely or typical, do have this quality sometimes. Odysseus, as an epic hero, shows curiosity throughout his skillful disguise to observe his household, bravery, when revealing his real identity and defending his spouse, cleverness, by not revealing his true identity until the correct time, and nobility, by dealing with all guys equivalent. Throughout all scenes, attributes show Odysseus to be an impressive hero time and once again, and with examples and textual evidence to back them up, he is.

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