Holden Caulfield in “Catcher in the Rye” Essay

Holden Caulfield, in The Catcher in the Rye, is similar to the normal teenager these days. Throughout the unique, Holden goes through issues that lots of modern teens can relate to. Holden is a lonely teen who has a hard time to find direction in life. His actions are extremely similar to those of teenagers today. Some essential qualities Holden show modern-day teens are his yearning to be totally free and independent, his battle between youth and their adult years, and the reality that he is lost and does not understand what he wants to perform in life.

Likewise, like many teenagers today, he needs to handle things such as sex, violence, and alcohol.

A big problem Holden goes through is his struggle between childhood and their adult years. He is sixteen years old, which is the age when a person is nearly an adult, yet still a child. A child who is innocent, supported by his parents, and is not yet ready or has the maturity to go out into the world and look after himself. This battle is represented by Holden’s gray hair. This is something lots of teenagers deal with today.

Like many contemporary teenagers, Holden wishes to be independent. He wishes to make his own choices and reside on his own. He has actually lived in schools the majority of his life, away from his moms and dads. When Holden gets tossed out of Pencey, and he knows that his moms and dads will learn, he chose to go back home after they do, in order for his moms and dads to have dealt with the news. This shows how Holden does not try to find assistance from his moms and dads. He wishes to deal with the problem himself by applying himself his next year in school. Another example of Holden’s need to be independent is when he recommends to Sally that they go away someplace and cohabit.

On page 132, Holden states “How would you like to get the hell out of here? Here’s my concept. I understand this guy down in Greenwich Village that we can borrow his car for a number of weeks. He used to go to the same school I did and he still owes me ten bucks. What we might do is, tomorrow morning we might drive up to Massachusetts and Vermont, and all around there, see. It’s beautiful as hell up there. It really is.”…”We’ll stay in these cabin camps and stuff like that till the dough runs out. Then, when the dough goes out, I could get a task somewhere and we might live somewhere with a brook and all and, later, we could get wed or something. I might slice all our own wood in the winter and all.” Holden longs to go away and be independent.

Like teenagers today, Holder needed to deal with alcohol, sex, and violence. Like any male teenager today, Holden thinks about sex. He wants to experience it and states that he had had lots of opportunities to do so, although he never ever made love. Holden, desiring comfort and love, invites a prostitute to his room, but never ever has sex with her.

A huge problem amongst teenagers nowadays is violence. This is an issue that is really hard to resolve and in some cases can not be avoided. There are times in the unique when Holden deals with violence, like when he gets in a battle with Stradlater.

Throughout the unique, Holden relies on alcohol when he gets depressed. He obtains it really easily, and gets intoxicated at one point. This takes place often among teens today. They feel that alcohol will make them older and provide maturity.

These are the methods which Holden is very similar to the typical teenager of today. His attributes, feelings, and actions are those that numerous teens can associate with. Issues that Holden deals with throughout the book are problems that many teens deal with in their daily lives. Feelings that Holden has are like those of modern teenagers, who remain in lots of ways, just like Holden.

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