Hester “The Scarlet Letter” & Abigail “The Crucible” Essay

Hester “The Scarlet Letter” & & Abigail “The Crucible” Essay

The primary character, Abigail, of Arthur Miller’s book, “The Crucible”, and Hester of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s book, “The Scarlet Letter”, have numerous typical and unique characteristics. Both beautiful and young, loaded with and secrets and sin, and fall in love with individuals they can’t be with. But differ in the method they were penalized, what they have done, and their relationship with their fans. Let’s discuss the similarities between Abigail and Hester. Charm is the most typical similarity between the two. Abigail, being the youngest, was around the age of 17. Hester, a little bit older than Abigail, in her 20’s.

Both young and completely established made them such beauties in the stories told. Another obvious similarity between the 2 was that they both concealed of their sins. For instance, Hester, kept the secret identity of her enthusiast, Arthur Dimsdale, so that he wouldn’t have to suffer for his sin. And Abigail kept her secret love affair she had with John Proctor since he was married which meant adultery. This causes another fantastic resemblance. They both fall for individuals that can’t be with. Like mentioned earlier Abigail falls in love with John Proctor, but can’t be with him due to the fact that he was currently married.

Hester is the opposite way around, she had an affair with Arthur Dimsdale, but she is wed to Chilingsworth. Both Abigail’s and Hester’s love for them produces significant issues in the stories. Now given that the some of the examples for the resemblances have actually been shown to you lets discuss the distinctions. Even though Hester and Abigail were sinners, Hester was the only one that got really penalized. Hester, in the start of “The Scarlet Letter”, was punished with the letter “A”, for infidelity, across her chest and humiliated in front of everyone.

While Abigail was implicated for witchcraft, however managed through lies stating she was a victim of witchcraft rather than being a witch. She got away with whatever in the end and chose to leave Salem and did not get punished. This likewise causes another fantastic distinction between the two. Hester was accused of the sin of infidelity for having an affair with another, Arthur Dimsdale, while she was married. Abigail being accused of witchcraft for dancing in the woods naked with her little sibling, Betty, who doesn’t wake up the next day. And lastly, the relationships they had with their fans.

Hester loved Dimsdale and still saw him even after she committed the sin of adultery. And in the other hand, Abigail loved John Proctor and attempted seeing him after, but Proctor refuses to do anything with her any longer due to the fact that he likes his partner. Those are the similarities and differences make Hester and Abigail the characters they are in their stories, but there are numerous more in the stories. Hester and Abigail are the strongest characters in their stories, this makes them so comparable however various. And they are what made, “The Scarlet Letter”, and, “The Crucible”, such excellent books.

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