George and Lennie – Of Mice and Men

George and Lennie– Of Mice and Men

In this unique Of Mice and Male by John Steinbeck the two primary characters George Milton and Lennie Small depend on each other. As the book opens we see the 2 guys strolling together, talking in a manor that reveals they recognize with one and other. We see it is pretty apparent that Lennie needs George. What is less apparent however is that George requires Lennie also. As the unique advances it ends up being clear that George Milton and Lennie Small, the protagonists in John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Males are interdependent for numerous reasons.
To begin, Lennie counts on George for plenty of factors. After Lennie loses his Auntie Clara, George takes him in and takes care of him. Lennie constantly has food, shelter, work and someone to ensure he makes money thanks to George. Not only that, however George assists Lennie keep himself out of trouble. If there ever is any trouble, George is the very first individual to make certain Lennie leaves it. I don’t believe Lennie would have the ability to endure well, if at all, if he didn’t have George.
Second of all, as unlikely as it might seem, George requires Lennie, and for more than one reason. I believe that if George didn’t have Lennie he would be bitter and indicate, not the captivating, charismatic guy he is. It resembles Crooks says “A man requires somebody to be near him. A man goes nuts if he ain’t got nobody. Do not make no distinction who the man is, long’s he’s with you. I tell ya, I tell ya a man gets too lonesome an’ he gets ill.” And while George is normally the one that finds the males tasks, Lennie helps keep them. Lennie is as strong as a bull and practically killed his partner bucking barely. Even Slim admires him. Any one that would not want Lennie dealing with their barn is a fool. In addition, task stability is the only thing that is going to get them the cash and cash is the only thing that is going to get them the ranch so they can live off of the fat of the land.
Eventually, over whatever else, Lennie and George’s friendship breaks down into one thing, their dream. These men have a dream that plenty of guys had in the 1930s, but theirs is achievable. All they want is a little house with a windmill, some chickens, pigs and bunnies and to live off of the fat of the land. Here Lennie will have the ability to tend the bunnies and animal Slim’s brown and white pup, while George will have the ability to relax and not worry about Lennie a lot.
George Milton and Lennie Small, John Steinbeck’s protagonists of Of Mice and Male depend upon each other equally. It resembles what Slim states about men that take a trip alone, individuals with out friends or buddies can turn into sour, bitter people. This is due to the fact that they have nobody to depend upon or to hang out with. Human beings need other human beings. It’s a clinical fact.

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