Fidelity in the Odyssey

Fidelity in the Odyssey

Thesis Declaration: The Odyssey implies that men are more naturally fidel than women. Males are not more naturally fidel than ladies. “Fidelity” is the quality of being faithful or devoted. The text “The Odyssey” has to do with a man, Odysseus, whose objective is to return home securely to his homeland, Ithaca, from his war with the Trojans. Through his journey back home, his loyalty to his better half, Penelope, was evaluated. Odysseus is not really faithful or fidel with his better half, based from the trials he’s been through on his way back house.

For seven years, Odysseus was held captive in Calypso’s island. Calypso is a beautiful nymph who wanted to wed Odysseus. Calypso tries to tempt Odysseus to wed her by using him immortality however still, Odysseus resists. However although Odysseus resisted Calypso’s appeal and deal of immortality, he still stayed in her island for an extended period of time without much problem. Odysseus could have done numerous methods on leaving from Calypso however rather he remained there for 7 years, simply him and Calypso and without even attempting to go house.

While Penelope, regardless of the hundred suitors she has, she still selected to await Odysseus’ return and disregards all her suitors. Odysseus also remained in Circe’s island for a year. Circe is a goddess, the daughter of Helios. He nearly forgot his homeland and his other half due to the fact that he delighted in a simple life with Circe. He just continued his journey to Ithaca due to the fact that his buddies advised him. While once again, Penelope on the other hand, ignored all the suitors she has because of her fidelity to Odysseus.

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In both cases, Odysseus shows little fidelity to his better half. He longed to be reunited to his better half. However, he remained in the company of Calypso for several years without much effort of leaving. He likewise hung around with Circe, a goddess, and even enjoyed her company. He was even scared that Penelope might be infidel to him. However Penelope showed more fidelity than Odysseus due to the fact that of her loyalty that Odysseus will return and ignored all her suitors. This shows that guys are not more naturally fidel than females.

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