Fate and Justice in the Odyssey

Fate and Justice in the Odyssey

The gods in the Odyssey, though they are gods, do not constantly act in methods revealing they are of a higher power then the mortals. They act out in anger and make rash decisions much like any mortal would. Except for the reality that they have powers way beyond that of any simple mortal, and their actions can have monstrous effects on civilizations. It appears as though they attempt to fairly dispense punishments to those deserving of them and act in ways befitting of gods, but yet at the exact same time they still count on fundamental feelings and are quickly affected to do things that frequently produce catastrophe.

The gods seem to believe that mortals can for the many part manage their own fate and that they are merely there to penalize those that do wrong or to sometimes assist those that may be implied for greater things and begin to wander off from their designated path. They can manage the fate of the mortals however do not always pick to. Just when such a mortal is very important to the future of a particular scenario will the gods interfere. They do nevertheless quite so serve as sort of a justice system to punish however also reward.

Poseidon seriously punished Odysseus when he blinded the Cyclops by sending him to Calypso’s island for ten years and not letting him return home. He then sank the Pheacians ship as it was going back to the harbor to penalize them for helping get Odysseus home. Yet at the exact same time Athena assisted Odysseus by going to Zeus and pleading with him to let Odysseus return home. If it wasn’t for Athena’s disturbance with Odysseus’ fate he would have never ever finished his journey house.

What occurred with Odysseus reveals perfectly that the gods do not have a set code of morals. They do as they please and punish who they feel deserving, they even oppose each other’s punishments. If one god feels a mortal must be punished, however then another god believes they shouldn’t the gods will work versus each other so that each of them can have their method. The gods feel the very same fundamental emotions that mortals do. They snap (Poseidon to Odysseus), reveal favoritism (Athena with Odysseus), and they also get jealous just like any simple mortal.

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It is a recognized reality in Greek mythology that Zeus loved mortal woman, even his partner Hera understood this. He would attempt to conceal and camouflage himself so that Hera would not know, however she still found out. Though Hera was a god she was exceptionally jealous of these ladies, most of which had conceived children with Zeus, and she would discover methods to eliminate or penalize these ladies and sometimes even their kids. Hera’s jealousy towards these females once again shows that though hello might be gods they still act in methods befitting of mortals, and will break other gods wants to get what they want. The gods do as they please without thinking of the consequences of their actions, and as an outcome they have no set of morals or rules they follow. Nobody person is safe from the gods wrath since although one god may favor you, that doesn’t imply the rest of them will be blocked from penalizing you if they so choose.

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