Euthanasia in of Mice and Men

Euthanasia in of Mice and Male

In the book” of mice and males” Euthanasia played a little theme however a really crucial one. Euthanasia is painlessly putting an individual to death. One example of euthanasia in “mice of males” is For a minute he was organisation like. “Steinbeck pg 105. This explained George’s personality prior to he eliminated Lennie. He needed to prepare himself to prepare yourself to eliminate his buddy. He had to do this to save him he would either have gone to jail or had been killed slowly. Not only is euthanasia utilized for humans however animals likewise. “I do not see no factor for it. Steinbeck page 47. When Carlson stated this he was referring to Candy’s dog who he had has because the pet was a young puppy. He was the only thing he had. Carlson simply didn’t see a factor for it and neither did anybody else other than Candy. The canine didn’t smell good and it was filthy. No one desired that canine to deal with them so the very best service was to eliminate him.” I oughta shoot that canine myself” Stienbeck pg 61. George was getting so tired of the dog smelling up the room he just wished to kill him. Everyone in the house concurred.

The pet was also ill and old. The pet might barely walk any longer so they put him out of his suffering by eliminating him.” George moved slowly.” Stienbeck pg 104. When George was preparing to eliminate Lennie. However he wished to explain to him their strategy to him one last time. He wanted to ensure Lennie enjoyed prior to he passed away. So his last memory of Lennie prior to he died would have been an excellent one.” George heard the voices coming.” George heard the others pertaining to the hill. George Knew he needed to shoot Lennie Prior to the others would kill him.

He Knew if he didn’t shoot Lennie now Lennie would suffer in jail or die a slow and agonizing death. In this manner George believed, It would fast and he would not feel any pain. John Stienbeck was trying to say that in some cases euthanasia is the very best service. That often you might have to go an extra length to save a buddy. Although it’s a tough process. George understood he had to do it to save Lennie. Even though euthanasia is wrong things would have worsened if it didn’t take place in the book. Curly would have most likely have actually killed Lennie himself and Lennie would have had to suffer.

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