English Monologue- the Crucible

English Monologue- the Crucible

Context: After the hanging of John Proctor, Reverend Hale left for Beverly, his house town. He left a broken minister and entered a search to discover himself again, wallowing in self-pity and hatred of himself; he remained in Beverly for the next 2 years, not even going to Church. He might not bring himself to go, as he counted himself John Proctor’s murderer, together with countless others. After his two years of seclusion Reverend Hale chose that he needed closure, more than that, he needed to request for John Proctor’s forgiveness.

Setting: The setting of this monologue remains in Salem’s Graveyard, 2 years after the hanging of John Proctor. Mr Hale has actually arrived at the time where night relies on dawn. There are specks of light looking out from the clouds. Mr Hale is kneeling in front of one particular grave, John Proctor’s. John’s Gravestone read’s “John Proctor, Hanged, August 19-1692. Beside his Tomb was Rebecca Nurse’s, it was clear Mr Nurse had actually been here previously as an arrangement of flowers laid on ground in front of it.

Monologue: Mr Hale: Mr Proctor, I have come here today to seek your forgiveness. I know you are not the only individual I need to apologise to however to you I feel the deepest grief and I can not start to explain just how much regret I feel for you. 2 years have passed because you hung, I have actually been trying to find myself, to find my function. What is a man’s purpose when he spends his life devoted to stopping Satan, only to find that he has been killing innocent people rather?

How can I advance Mr Proctor when the Devil have robbed me of my function? I no longer trust myself, my books, not even in humankind. What should I do, John? You always seemed a practical guy. Even my faith in God has started to fluctuate. How can he, in all his wisdom not have seen what had occurred in Salem? Rebecca Nurse was a Saint, why did she need to pass away, in addition to numerous others. If this is God’s strategy, I want no part of it. When I first come to Salem I believed I was assisting everyone, doing God’s work.

It ends up I ‘d been doing the Devil’s bidding all along, which is paradoxical in such a way, considering my factor for coming to Salem was to find the Devil and stop him. Rather I furthered his work and killed many innocents, providing them into God’s arms with a noose around their neck. I know what you would say John, it isn’t my fault, Abigail is to blame, but I should still hold myself responsible, I signed those death warrants, I listened to your alerting about Abigail and even with my doubts I still put pen to paper and signed Rebecca Nurse’s life away.

For the past two years, I have actually withered away, looking for to drown myself in grief, you were right, Mr Proctor, I am a damaged minister. There I came, with my books and my excellent objectives, oh what great intents I had! I sought to discover and collect the Devil from wherever he might lay. I thought to conserve Salem from Lucifer, however it recommended naught. There was no Devil here to start with, simply silly little women playing an unsafe game. Mr Proctor I have mistreated you.

My existence is scams, I might not defy Satan, nor could I conserve the innocent through prayer or factor, The Devil is in everybody Mr Proctor, nobody male can conserve all of us. In my mind, I know what I should do now. I should go to everyone and their households whose lives I have actually ruined, then I need to apologize to them, as I have done here today with you, Mr Proctor. I do not understand how long this will take however I will not have peace up until the deed is done. If the Lord I dedicated myself to exits he will assist me in my mission, I hope that at the end of this, I might discover brand-new purpose. by Alex Borchers

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