Don Quixote: Topic Test

Don Quixote: Subject Test

the advetures of Don Quixote
the book name is
Man of La Mancha
the motion picture title is
Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
the authur of the book is
1604, 1614
this book is informed in 2 parts. when was each of them published?
when does Cervantes pass away?
Spain, Spanish
Where is the setting and in what language is the initial book
parody, comedy, love, morality novel
Name the 4 genres that this book falls into
Cide Hamete Benegeli
Cervantes tells this novel. he declares to be translating the earlier work of who?
Cide Hamete Benegeli
wrote a true historical account of a guy called Don Quixote
3rd person and 1st person (when he speaks about the book itself)
in what 2 ways is this novel narrated?
When was cervantes born?
a bad spanish physician
who is cervantes’ father?
at 21, cervantes signed up with the army and fought what country at sea?
in what year were cervantes and his sibling kidnapped?
moors (muslims)
cervantes and his sibling were sold as servants to whom
Cide hamete benegeli
in this unique, who is a moor?
cervantes returned in what year
Alonso Quijano
aging gentleman of la mancha who reads a lot of chivalric romances that he looses his mind
Don Quixote (journeys looking for adventure and to assist people)
What name does Alonso think is his?
knight errant
What is a knight in training? (put on quixote believed he was one)
the enchanter
evilest of all knights; put on quixote tries to beat him
noble horse; really just a skinny nag= bony old horse
Sancho Panza
Don Quixote’s squire, not crazy but likes quixote enough to respect his madness. He’s the first sidekick and epitome of self sacrificing christian (i believe that’s a discussion)enough to respect his insanity. He’s the 1st sidekick and embodiment of self sacrificing christian (i think that’s a conversation)
Sancho’s donkey
Real name is aldonza, perfect woman in wear quixote’s mind, he offers her hope of getting out of her scenario

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