Don Quixote: Study Guide

Don Quixote: Research Study Guide

La Mancha
Don Quixote
Main character (idealist)
Sancho Panza
Don’s right-hand man who occurred on experience with him
Aldonza Lorenzo (Dulcinea)
Farm lady Don Quixote chooses to be his woman
Don Quixote’s unfortunate horse
Characteristics of the knight-errant
Noble birth, appealing, strong, courageous
Knight in serch of adventure
Purpose of adventure
Rescue the regrettable, protect the innocent, fight the wicked
Motives of Don Quixote
Desire for glory, love of justice, love of an individual noble womem who he can battle in the name of
End result
Prosper in objective, so vice (wicked behavior) is punished and virtue (being morally excellent) is rewarded
Complete name and age
Don Quixote de la Mancha, 50 years
What influenced him to end up being a knight
The books of chivrarly that he checked out
What did he do to prepare himself to be a knight
— sleek families old armor and made a visor for the helmemt
— got a horse and named it Rocinante
— renamed himself Don Quixote de la Mancha
— found a lady (Aldonza Lorenzo) and offered her a brand-new name deserving of position (Dulcinea del Toboso)
What was paradoxical about the lady Don Quixote chose?
— she was a farm lady who was absolutely nothing like a divine princess
— he provided her a new name, one of a princess, becuase he felt she deserved a name deserving of her position, but in truth she was just a farm woman
How did Don Quixote puzzle reality with his imagination?
— saw the inn as a terrific castle
— awaited the dwarf to blow a horn to annouce his arrival
— he saw two woman of the streets as reasonable maidens and treated them like princesses
— he saw the schemimg inn keeper as a castle keeper
— he misinterpreted windmills for giants
— he saw a woman taking a trip in a cart and thought she was being abducted
— thought food in castle of inexpensive fish and stake bread was divine
1. Individuals need to be a balance between realist and idealist
2. What is truth for a single person is not necesarily the exact same truth for another (looking at very same things in different methods)
What was being satirized?
“Tilting at windmills”
Combating a losing fight
Contrast Don Quixote and Sancho
Don- idealist, not practical, illogical, obfuscated, audacious, zany
Sancho- realist, practical, logical, lucid, timorous, placid
Don Quixote
Idealist- sees things in a different way from what they truely are, promises Sancho an island
impractical- kept up all night considering woman instead of consuming or getting sleep
illogical- eliminated 2 guys becuase he felt threatend when cleaning armor
obfuscated- saw an inn as a castle and windmills as giants
audacious- set out into the world without any plan
zany- leaves life behind to end up being a knight and travel with no thoguth of future
realist- tells Don not to charge windmills because they are not dangerous
useful- is concerned about getting sleep and consuming next meal
rational- considers fiture and his self (goes w/ Don to recieve island)
lucid- sees the windmills for what they genuinely are
timorous- does not face up to danger, gets beaten by individuals on the road
placid- does not respond highly to Dons crazyness
Musical and song based off of Don Quixote
Musical- Guy of la Mancha
Song- impossible dream
Optimistic, unrealistic, and impracitcal
Necessary components Don Quixote has which other fiction did not? (Qualities of an unique)
Unified plot/fully established characters
What does the windmill encounter recommend about the result of the meeting between idealism and reality? Which one is likely to dominate?
— suggests that we require a balance in between realism and idealism
— realism is likely to dominate due to the fact that idealism defeated Don Quixote
Don Quixote is not merely a mad old male. Regardless of the battering he receives from people and items, he never for sake forsakes his devotion to higher suitables. Without the imagination he brings to life, the world would be a dull place indeed”. Agree or disagree? Why?
Agree, ideas include color. Need creativity for world to succeed and grow. Someone required to envision the iPhone and numerous other technological things we have today thay advance the world.
— Idea that grows from an individual’s own perception of the method they believe something ought to be
— false reality that obstructs mind from seeing reality
— Understanding the differnce between fact and dream
— born near madrid
— family was poor
— faught in fights
— captured by pirates (five yrs a slave)
— passed away same year as Shakespeare
Don Quixote is considered …
… World’s first excellent novel
Don Quixote
— Part 1 released in 17th century (1605 )
— 16 editions in cervates’ lifetime/ translated into english and french
— part 2, 1615
Picaresque novels
Loosly strung sataric novels that follow lives of adventure
What thought almost triggered Don Quixote to deserted his plan? What was his solution?
— relaized he had not been officially dubbed a knight
— chose to have himself knighted by first perosn he satisfied
Being dubbed a knight
— need to watch over armor for more than a couple of hours
— Don had already been caring for amor for very long time
— was washing armor at well and when men pertained to water mules, Don felt threatend and inflicted violence.
— utilized log in book for kngithing bible
In the intervals in between experience …
Don got no sleep since he was thinking of enjoyed one, he likewise had not consumed. Sancho was complete and fell under a deep sleep. Exposes Don’s idealist lifestyle is hurting him and leaving him even worse off than Sancho.
Incident with the travelers
Don Quixote spotted tourists on the roadway and he thought the people were holding a princess captive. He went to go combat them and after he left Sancho started to take the killed friars garments. Muleteers saw this and jumped Sancho. It is paradoxical since earlier Sancho stated he was of peaceful disposition and didn’t want to get captured up in Don Quixote’s crazy fueds.

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