Don Quixote: Review

Don Quixote: Evaluation

miguel de cervantes
who wrote don quixote?
where did the story wear quixote take place?
put on quixote’s squire
who was sancho panza?
beard, high, thin, country gentleman
what is a differentiating feature of wear quixote?
don quixote
dulcinea was the love interest of which character?
dulcinea: excellent looking
wear quixote: old, grey
sancho panza: short, fat
describe the following characters: dulcinea, wear quixote, sancho panza
what is wear quixote’s citizenship?
alonso quijano
what is the genuine name of wear quixote?
the number of kids did wear quixote have?
a lance
what does don quixote use to safeguard himself?
don quixote’s horse
who is rocinante?
assists don quixote
what does sancho panza do?
wear quixote read which kind of books?
who is the knight of the white moon?
how many explorations does wear quixote make without sancho panza?
believes he is enchanted and under a spell, can not get out
why does don quixote return home in a cage?
in the cave
where did wear quixote meet dulcinea?
she read about them in the very first part of the novel
how does the dutchess understand who don quixote and sancho panza are?
an isle
what does the duke provide sancho panza?
fell ill and got a fever
how did put on quixote die?
doesn’t understand remainder of the story
why does cervantes complete the very first part of the novel?
tend sheep
what does don quixote decide to do throughout retirement?
what does put on quixote think the fulling mills are?
what product is his very first helmet composed?
sancho’s wife
who is teresa?
a tree branch
after combating the windmills, his lance breaks, what does don quixote use?
looses his teeth
why is wear quixote called “The Knight of the Sorrowful Figure”?
what is the helmet the “helmet of Mambrino”?
a knight
what does wear quixote state he wishes to become?
night of the white moon
who challenges wear quixote and defeats him?
with what does put on quixote mistakenly crown himself when he places on his helmet?
sancho panza
who concerns inform wear quixote of the book that has been discussed him?
fall into a deep ditch underground
on their trip far from the castle, what misery takes place to quixote and panza?
sancho uses a donkey rather of a horse. what is the donkey’s name?
is wear quixote truly crazy, or is his habits a mindful option?
His journal book
What does the innkeeper usage as a holy book of heraldry in the knighthood ceremony?

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