Don Quixote – Chapters 1-9

Don Quixote– Chapters 1-9

What is the name of Don Quixote’s niece?
What century does the story occur in?
Who are Don Quixote’s 2 friends?
Nicholas and Thomas
What was the barber’s name?
What was the priest’s name?
What did Don Quixote make his helmet’s visor out of?
Cardboard looped with green ribbon
What did Don Quixote name his horse?
What does Rocinante suggest?
Nag of nags
Who was Don Quixote’s lady?
Dulcinea del Toboso
What does Dulcinea del Toboso mean?
The sweet one from the village of Toboso
What title did Don Quixote provide himself?
Don Quixote de La Mancha
What is a knight errant?
A knight on a mission for an experience
What is tilting?
Charging full speed on a horse with a lance
What does the expression “tilting at windmills” imply?
Assaulting imaginary enemies
What did Qon Quixote imagine the inn to be?
A castle
What occurred at the inn?
The innkeeper played along with him to get his cash, he asks the innkeeper to knight him, a carter comes by and tosses his armor off of the stables, he tries to eliminate him however he falls in the poop and cuts the reins of the carter’s mule. The innkeeper asks him for cash but he does not have any so he knights him and informs him to go off on an adventure (kicks him out).
What does Don Quixote think of the carter to be?
A dark knight
What does Don Quixote think of the innkeeper to be?
A constable
What does Don Quixote inform the merchants he comes across to state?
That Dulcinea del Toboso is the most lovely lady ever.
After the merchants make fun of Don Quixote and he charges at them, what happens?
Rocinante was startled and shook him off and the merchants beat him up.
What did Nicholas and Thomas do to attempt to “cure” Don Quixote of his insaneness?
Burn his books and seal up his research study with bricks.
Who did Don Quixote think burned his books and sealed his research study?
A wicked enchanter
Who was Don Quixote’s squire?
Sancho Panza
Don Quixote took Sancho Panza as his squire despite the fact that he often said these?
What did Don Quixote guarantee Sancho Panza?
To be governor of his own island
What took place at the windmill?
Don Quixote believed the windmill was a giant, assaulted it and got hit to the ground.
As Sancho Panza and Don Quixote traveled throughout a plain, Sancho saw 2 herds of sheep, what did Don Quixote see?
2 armies, the one on the left led by the King of Spain and the one on the right led by a rebel.
What did the shepherds do as soon as they saw Don Quixote charging at their sheep?
Flung stones at him
What did Sancho Panza call Don Quixote due to the fact that he looked so worthless?
Knight of the Dismal Face
What did Sancho Panza when Don Quixote informed him to tighten Rocinante’s girdle?
Tied Rocinante’s feet together
What was making the sound of water and loud thumping?
A waterwheel
Don Quixote saw a knight in golden armor coming towards them, who was it truly?
A village barber
What was the town barber enduring his head?
A brass shaving basin
Why did Don Quixote attempt to launch the prisoners by charging and providing the slaves a chance to leave?
Required a messenger to send the shaving bowl to Dulcinea del Toboso
After the captives tossed rocks at him and fled, what did Don Quixote do?
Told Sancho Panza to give the brass basin to Dulcinea instead and went off to a spring to fast and hope
Thomas and Nicholas discovered Sancho Panza at an inn and convinced him of what?
That Don Quixote needed to be safeguarded from himself
What plan did they come up with to get Don Quixote back house?
Dressed Thomas up as a damsel in distress and Nicholas as a squire, Thomas pled Don Quixote to save her land since it had actually been overrun by giants and assured him her hand in marital relationship and half of her kingdom
What girl did Thomas pretend to be?
The princess Micomicona of Micomicon
Why was Sancho Panza upset that Don Quixote declined the deal of half of the kingdom?
He seemed like he had actually been cheated out of half a kingdom
The Thomas’ donkey bucked him off and pulled off Nicholas’ fake beard and he put it back on, what did Don Quixote think taken place?
A magic spell
What did Sancho Panza think was taking place when Don Quixote cut open the wine skins?
He had cut the avoid of a giant.
A maid tied Don Quixote’s hand and connected it with a halter to the bedpost and left him there for the night, who did he think did it?
The evil enchanter
What did Don Quixote’s three pals do after their plan had stopped working?
Hired a cart and constructed a cage out of branches, put on masks, put Don Quixote in the cage and brought him home.

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