Don Quixote: Author Uses Many Scenarios and Situations to Show Loyalty

Don Quixote

In the story the author uses many scenarios and situations to show loyalty. Commitment is the state or quality of being faithful, loyalty to commitments or commitments. Don Quixote is a man that believes in being devoted, and he expects individuals that he comes across to be the same method. In one circumstance in the book, Don rolled up on a farmer beating his servant. That made Don furious and he might not believe what he was seeing. After a discussion with the young boy and the farmer Don bought the farmer to pay the young boy salaries that he owed him plus some.

The young boy was particular that the farmer would not pay him, but would beat him as soon as Don had actually left his sight. “He will do nothing of the sort, stated Don Quixote. It suffices for me to command, and he out of regard will comply with. Considering that he has sworn to me by the order of knighthood which he has gotten, I will let him go free and I will guarantee that you will be paid. “( 2239) Don expected the farmer to honor his word and demonstrate commitment, regretfully the farmer did not. “That is not real of my master, responded Sancho.

I can ensure you that there is absolutely nothing rouge about him; he is as open and aboveboard as a wine pitcher and would not damage anybody but does great to all. There is no malice in his makeup, and a kid could make him believe it was night at midday. For that very reason I like him with all my heart and can not bring myself to leave him, no matter how many foolish things he does. “( 2314) Sancho displays his loyalty for Don in the quote. He is a guy that displays much of the exact same attributes as his master. Sancho explains why he feels the method he does towards his master.

He says that it does not matter to him how silly and absurd Don may be, he is still his pal and he respects him and the decisions that he make. Commitment is something that has to be made from another person. In the story Don Quixote wants people to make their regard simply as he and Sancho did. Rather or not a person revealed Don Quixote respect, it was something that he desired and expected.

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