Dialectic Journal for Catcher in the Rye Essay

Entry One

“… and all that David Copperfield kind of crap but I don’t feel like going through it if you want to know the fact … my parents would have about 2 hemorrhages a piece it I inform anything quite individual about them.” (Page 1) Action:

This excerpt makes me very curious about his family members. The tone makes me believe that Holden probably is ashamed by them or he does not like them when he describes them as “crap”. His parents’ attitude toward informing others personal stories is likewise complicated.

It is unclear whether they are the ones hindering Holden from telling or not. I forecast that Holden is reluctant when it pertains to discovering facts about his life. This quote is essential because it provides me background details into Holden’s domesticity, as well as revealing a range of characteristics of his personality. From this quote, I could tell that Holden does not have motivation to excel in school and he does not appear to appreciate getting tossed out.

Being the teenager that he is, Holden does not recognize the significance of education in his life, therefore not appreciating the serious effects.

Entry Two

“He said he talked with Jesus all the time, even when he was driving his cars and truck. That killed me. I can simply see the huge fake bastard moving into first gear and asking Jesus to send him more shifts.” (Page 17) Reaction:

The quote made me truly confused since I do not comprehend what Holden indicated by moving gear in this passage. However, now I understand that he does not like braggers and fakers. Also, Holden discovers it illogical that these individuals attempt to state they follow Jesus. I agree with him. If standing in a parking lot does not make you an automobile, then going to a church does not mean you are incredibly spiritual. This likewise seems to be one indication of Holden’s immaturity. It is really clear that when Holden begins to horse around, he puts an effort into frustrating those surrounding him.

Entry Three

“I didn’t appreciate not seeing the motion picture anyway … Besides, I ‘d been to the films prior to with Auckly and Brossard.” (Page 37) Response:
This quote appears paradoxical to me in ways more than one. Holden generally dislikes viewing movies since he thinks that actors are fake and counterfeit. He also does not like Auckly that much. In this area of the book, Holden does not seem glum and unpleasant as normal because he is imitating a routine teen would. Holden’s invitation to Auckly proves that he is caring and conscious Auckly’s emotions. He likewise knows that isolation is the worst scenario so he assists Auckly out of it at least for one night. I likewise feel as if Holden truly did appreciate seeing the film due to the fact that of the tone developed in his voice.

Entry 4
“He got leukemia and passed away when we were up in Maine, on July 18, 1946. You ‘d have liked him. He was 2 years younger than I was, but he was about fifty times as intelligent. He was terrifically intelligent.” (Page 49) Reaction:

This quote appeared really significant to me. It informed me that Holden had a more youthful brother named Allie who died from Leukemia. It is exceptionally clear that when Holden considers Allie, all he considers is how incredible of an individual Allie was. I get the sensation that Holden is very fond of his siblings and has established a fantastic relationship with them with time, making the death of Allie a significant influence on his life. Also, the method Holden seems to be acting in this scene in the book informs me that he has strong feelings for Jane. The method he is discussing Stradlater has an undertone of evilness and mystery regarding why he hesitates about Jane. Holden utilized to be friends with Jane and he knows aspects of her that is worrying him about the intimate relationship she might form with Stradlater.

Entry Five
“I was right away sorry I ‘d stated it, but it was far too late.” (Page 75)

In my perspective, Holden informs these lies due to the fact that he is utilized to it, but every time in the end he feels guilty. I believe the truth that Holden feels bad about what he has done makes him a fully grown boy. He recognizes his errors and recognizes the ghastly sensation of informing a lie. Lots of people in life have actually had minutes where they have stated something and regretted it instantly. This is the exact situation in which Holden remained in. Holden had simply had among those relatable minutes involving the guilt from stating something extreme and how it right away affects him. However, he quickly realizes that it is sadly too late to reclaim the words he had said.

Entry 6

“The fish-that’s various. The fish is various. I’m talking about the ducks.” (Page 82) Action:

In this passage of the book, Holden is believing clinically. This supports the truth that he is wise after all, despite the fact that he his failing the majority of his classes. Many times, a teen desires something so bad, they develop crazy and somewhat foolish concepts and plans to assist them get that something. Maybe this is since he does not wish to attempt or possibly he wants to harmonize others who would not accept him if he was clever. In this metaphor, he is comparing himself the ducks in Central Park when the lagoon freezes over. What Holden is really saying is the fact that he would not know where to go if he remains living in a location full of phonies and disrespectful people. The ducks can not swim in ice and he will not remain in a school loaded with fakes.

Entry Seven

“She hasn’t felt too healthy because my sibling Allie dies. She’s very anxious. That’s another reason I hated like hell for her to know I got the ax again.” (Page 140) Action:

This quote clearly explains how Holden is absolutely not the only one who is affected by his bro, Allie’s, death. Holdens mom has acquired severe
health issue since Allie died. His mother is likewise very worried, and I have actually come to conclusion that this is probably due to the fact that she is afraid to lose another child of her own. However, not matter what her factor, Holden is concerned about his mom, and he feels saddened and guilty that his problems will impact her. This seems to be among the real reasons as to why he does not want his moms and dads, specifically his mother, to know about him getting kicked out of school once again. I can associate with Holden in this situation in the reality that there is much discomfort and battle that goes on within a family when a tragedy happens.

Entry Eight
“I kept putting my turn over my stomach and all to keep the blood from leaking all over. I didn’t want any person to know I was wounded. I was concealing the fact that I was an injured sunuvabitch.” (Page 150) Action:

Back in the hotel when Holden caught himself into a fight and ended up being the punching bag for the elevator guy, he pretended to be shot in the stomach. It is worth keeping in mind that Holden does the same thing now. I will infer that Holden might have seen this played out in a movie and such a scene ended up being imprinted in his head. Likewise, this passage is extremely symbolic regarding how Holden is feeling. It is very clean that Holden has a ton of issues that are depressing him but he is not showing that among others. I feel as though if Holden received assistance from a therapist and even an enjoyed one he might master life and not have to reside in such a remarkable lie anymore. In this depressed state, Holden is searching for much convenience. In some ways Holden proves he has much strength, however in other ways he proves he is a weak phony.

Entry Nine

“Then I took my hunting hat from my coat pocket and gave it to her.” (Page 180) Reaction:

In this quote it is clear that Holden feels attached to it due to the fact that he is able to recognize the connection he has with it. When he puts on the hat, he feels almost beyond himself and feels like there is somebody that understands him. He understands himself even if nobody else does. He feels safe when he wears it. The searching hat is really symbolic to Holden. He uses it whenever he wishes to feel safeguarded and enjoyed. It is probably the only object he treasures. Considering that hat to Phoebe is a fantastic example of being the catcher in the rye due to the fact that he was to safeguard the kids from the seriousness of life. Among those children, his favorite individual is Phoebe, and this is why he selected the hand off the hunting hat to her.

Entry Ten

“however this damn post I started checking out made me practically worst. It was all about hormones. It describes how you must look, your face and eyes and all, if your hormones remained in good shape, and I didn’t look that way at all.” (Page 195) Response:

Holden appears to be sad, lonesome, and in desperate requirement of comforting. Regrettably he chooses to turn to alcohol for convenience. This clearly demonstrates how Holden behaves when dealing with particular problems as well as showing another immature side of him. Holden is originally slim. He was supposed to be on a specific diet plan to assist him gain weight, however he never ever eats enough. In reality, he seldom points out food in his whole novel. His body is not receiving the vital nutrition in order for his body to work correctly, and as a result his hormonal agents are not going to form entirely. Lots of organs in his body will not work properly, this includes his brain. This is clinically why Holden will end up in a mental health center to look for help with his individual concerns.

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