Death of a Salesman Willy Loman’s Mental Breakdwon Essay

In Death of a Salesman Willy Loman was a guy made from incorrect dreams. Willy Loman was a male who destroyed himself with his false hopes and dreams. Throughout his entire life he was trying to end up being a Salesperson like his father and he believed he would pass away an abundant and successful guy. Willy Loman was a man who attempted so tough to attain the American dream however failed to do so due to the numerous circumstances throughout his life. Environment around Willy Loman has had a huge affect on him which is triggering him to be instable.

Willy is not only ruined by his own perfects but destroyed by his own two children Biff and Delighted and Howard shooting him also broke him down much more. Willy Loman is ruining himself trying to attain the American Dream and trying to become a salesperson like his own daddy however is stopping working to do so. He wants to own his own business.

Willy likewise wants to be “larger” then Uncle Charlie which is why he never ever takes a job under Uncle Charlie even after getting fired. He wishes to die the “Death of a Salesmman” where lots of people to mourn for him and remember him as a great salesman.

Willy has spent his whole life trying to achieve all these imagine his however he still hasn’t truly attained any of them which is causing him to have a psychological breakdown. Nevertheless Willy aims in life have been worthless as he hasn’t actually achieved anything. Willy Loman is constantly lying to himself and his family to leave from being a failure. He is constantly trying to accomplish his dream of becoming a fantastic salesman but is lost in reality and is lacking time.

In the play Charlie stated to Willy “When are you going to mature.” Although Charlie was teased by Willy he still is his only buddy and cares for him and even uses him a job after Willy gets fired by Howard but Willy refuses to take the job due to the fact that of his high standards and his dreams which he hasn’t have the ability to achieve yet. Willy understands he hasn’t achieved anything yet and that is why he is guilty and starts lying to himself and to his household and even goes on and has an affair with another lady.

He has the affair with the other lady to offer himself a “increase” or to enter into another world due to the fact that he feels he has been a failure at not achieving the “American Dream.” Having an affair likewise triggered Willy to breakdown since Biff captured him unfaithful and Willy feels guilty about it. Willy put in his entire life for his sons, Biff and Delighted and they turned their backs on him. Willy constantly loved Biff and thought he would be an incredible business male but after Biff saw Willy cheating it tore Biff apart.

Biff failed mathematics and went to Boston to get his papa to speak to his math instructor but at that time he caught his dad unfaithful which made him not agree his dad for the rest of his life. Willy understands deep down it his fault that Biff never ever became an effective service man. The truth that he feels guilty is also a huge consider his psychological breakdown. The psychoanalytic theory explains how the environment around an individual has an impact on the individual. In Willy’s case it his kids and his failiures in life which is causing him to be unstable.

From the several reasons for Willy’s psychological breakdown the biggest thing that broke him down was when Biff at the end of Act II shows him the rubber tube he discovered and explains to him that he was never what Willy wanted him to be. After all that Willy realizes his children in fact do like him despite the fact that they aren’t successful businessman. When will recognizes he is almost finished is when Biff states “Pop, I’m absolutely nothing! Im absolutely nothing Pop. Cant you comprehend that? There’s no spite in it any longer.

Im simply what I am, that’s all.” Biff likewise states “Will you let me go for Christ’s sake” Will you take that phony dream and burn it prior to something happens? After this situation Willy realizes he has not achieved much in life and his life is nearly finished but Biff does enjoy him. Willy has been going after the American dream for ever attempting to follow his dad however has never succeeded which has actually triggered him to fail throughout his entire life since he never actually did what he was good at which was using his hands.

After Willy committed suicide biff tells us what Willy might have been which could have made him successful. Biff says “Charley, there’s more of him in that front stoop than in all the sales he ever made.” This reveals that Willy was never ever a salesman but was good with his hands. The played concluded with Willy devoting suicide so his boys could collect the insurance coverage money and because he had recognized he was a failure in life but still desired his kids to be pleased and successful.

The several issues cause the destruction of an American Dream. Willy wanted a dream that seemed materialistic and unimportant which caused his own life and destruction of his kids. Willy attempting to go after the American dream and attempting to be better then Charley and trying to be like his papa caused him to be a failure and eventually take his own life. Him not being able to accomplish his dreams throughout his life triggered him to be a failure and destroying his kids also.

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