Death of a Salesman? Essay

” This shows the consistent requirement to be much better, even when it is not essential, and why it would not be possible to be pleased for any effective executive in the method Biff would more than happy on a farm. It is this desire for supreme success which drives business of the capitalist system– a need to make increasingly more money, to get ahead of the competitors. Miller’s point is twofold; that made above, that it is unhealthy to have a dream that can never ever be satisfied, and second of all that it is an extremely harsh system to those not at the top.

Willy is not at the top, and after working for 34 years at a business, attempting to develop his own little empire, he is sacked with absolutely nothing to keep him going. He is surplus to requirements, and as his employer Howard states, “organisation is company”. It is unimaginable for him to provide money to someone when they are not earning for him, making him succeed.

This is something else which Miller draws attention to, extremely successfully (“one elderly man whom Miller saw leaving the theatre [was a wealthy shop owner …

[who] offered orders that none of his staff were ever to be fired for being too old”1), and which links to another theme which goes through the play; the worth of human life. Towards the end of the play, Miller consistently positions the concern “what is the worth of human life? “. In Willy’s case, to his insurance provider, it is $20,000. It is with this in mind that Willy commits suicide, in order to be able to offer his family the way that he wouldn’t be able to do having actually been sacked by the Wagner Company.

It is fascinating to note that Willy kills himself just before the last payment on the home; there are clear parallels in between this and the executive who built and then sold his homes; neither are able to accept the success of conclusion, and need to better themselves. The household’s grief at Willy’s death appears tremendous; had Willy had to stand and view this, he may have not thought $20,000 deserved it. Definitely, to Linda the cash isn’t even an issue; however to Willy, the capitalist doctrine states that the sole purpose of life is to build up wealth, which he carries out in the only way he knows how.

“Death of a Salesman” is a thorough criticism of the variation within the American Dream, and a cautioning about thinking in a perfect a lot that you neglect the lessons which life attempts to teach you. The play’s primary objective is to raise awkward concerns of the American way of life, and therefore the context of the cold war, when American patriotism was at a height, is necessary to think about. The elements of American society which are shown are those connected to the capitalist dream which Miller criticises, and after that the effects which affect human lives.

Linda is a victim throughout, and she is an example of this– she asks a key concern relating to the lifestyle which Willy chooses, which only her love of him allows her to overlook– “why must everybody dominate the world? “. Throughout the play, Miller postures questions of the capitalist teaching such as this, leaving them unanswered as to stay in the minds of the audience. Show sneak peek just The above preview is unformatted text This student composed piece of work is among numerous that can be found in our GCSE John Steinbeck area.

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