Death of a Salesman- Act 2 Essay

Q1. Why is Willy’s state of mind upbeat at the start of Act Two? What does he expect to happen?

Ans: Willy’s state of mind is upbeat at the start of Act 2 because he felt that his household and everything was finally coming together. Prior to, Biff chose that he was going to meet Oliver and join into business field. Willy finally felt exposed because Delighted came up with a concept for Biff and Happy to start a business together. He anticipated that Costs Oliver would recognize Biff and give him a job with Biff requesting at least fifteen thousand.

This made him over thrilled since he felt that the family would be happier and Biff would get the success that he desires.

Q2. Why does Willy inform Howard about Dave Singleman? Describe the remarkable effect when Howard listens to the voices of his family while Willy attempts o talk business. Why does Howard tell Willy to drop off his samples and forbid him to go to Boston? Why is this such a blow to Willy?

Ans: Dave Singleman was a great salesman who made his living without leaving his home until the age of eighty-four.

He was an incredibly popular and well known man who was considerably missed when he passed away. Willy told Howard about Dave since he wants to show to him that Willy can likewise be a successful salesperson while remaining at house too. He likewise wishes to reveal him how there was gratitude and regard for one another back then, and how whatever changed in this generation for the even worse. When Willy was attempting to discuss service, Howard kept listening to the voices of his family. Willy was trying to also listen and patiently wait until Howard was done, however soon felt inflamed after a while when Howard would not take note of him. This set a bad mood for Willy as he was waiting for the opportunity to talk with Howard.

Howard tells Willy to drop off his samples and prohibits him to go to Boston since he feels that Willy requires to take a break. After listening to Willy’s psychological break out, he made sure that he wanted to send out Willy house until he had the ability to get control over himself and his life. He felt that Willy wouldn’t have the ability to do his task right any longer and make business suffer if he continues. This is such a blow to Willy because now he does not work. Simply for a little request to stay at home and work, Willy suffered by overall losing his task. Now he would have the problem to earn money for his household and spend for their costs, and so on

. Q3. What is Willy’s philosophy? How does Biff as a football hero embody his father’s dreams? Why does Charley state Willy hasn’t grown up?

Ans: Willy believed to end up being effective you required to be physically appealing and fit. He felt that playing sports and being popular, and revolving whatever around the personal appearance would lead anybody to simple success and well performance. Willy utilized to devote himself to Biff when he used to play football. He permitted Biff to do anything as long as he was successful in football and attempted to end up being the best.

This would fulfill his imagine his kids being healthy and stable and having the ability to have the strength and determination to succeed. Charley says that Willy hasn’t matured since Willy still appears to have a stubborn mindset where he always wants to be superior compared to everyone else. Willy made himself believe that he was constantly much better than everybody, even if it wasn’t true. Charley felt that Willy hasn’t seen the truth of life yet and still selects to reside in his impressions.

Q4. What is Willy’s impression of Bernard when he sees him in his daddy’s office? Why does Willy exaggerate Biff’s value? Why does Bernard ask what occurred after the game at Ebbets Field?

Ans: Willy was shocked to see Bernard at his father’s workplace. When they started talking, Willy seemed to feel a little envious of Bernard as he was going to Washington and sticking with some pals who were abundant. When he finds out about Bernard’s strategies and success, he begins to overemphasize about Biff’s value. He does this because he can not stand the truth that Bernard is more effective than Biff, and therefore tries to make Biff sound exceptional compared to everyone else. Bernard asks what happens after the video game at Ebbets Field since he notices that Biff’s life changed completely afterwards and nothing excellent ever taken place after that time. He discovered that there was a change in Biff’s attitude and the he could tell that Biff gave up on life, and he wished to know what had actually triggered all this.

-Q5. Why will not Willy work for Charley? Why is Willy able to ask Charley for money? How is Charley’s view of what a salesman requires various from Willy’s view?

Ans: For several years, Willy has actually made himself feel like he is better than many people, and has had this exceptional complex. He attempts to compare himself to Charley and discovers reasons and ways to say that he is better than him, even though he understands that Charley is more effective in life which makes him envious of Charley. For that reason, Willy declines to work for Charley since that would just be another method of saying that Charley is more effective than him. Willy is able to ask Charley for money due to the fact that he understands that Charley is his only buddy he has, and will be the only one who will really lend him cash. Charley’s view of what a salesperson needs is different from Willy’s view due to the fact that Charley feels that

-Q6. In the restaurant, how does Happy show Willy’s values? Why does Miller have the ladies are available in?

Ans: Miller had the ladies can be found in so we could see how conceited Biff and Pleased are as they leave the restaurant leaving Willy all by himself and go with those girls. This reveals us just how much they cared for their dad at the time and how reckless they were.

Q7. How does Biff’s awareness that his life is a lie underline the theme of the play? Why does Biff take Costs Oliver’s water fountain pen? Why can’t he inform his father what occurred with Costs Oliver? Why do Biff and Happy leave Willy at the restaurant?

Ans: After satisfying Bill Oliver and recognizing that he didn’t even remember him, Biff lastly comprehends that his life in business is just a joke and that it was a waste of time to continue. This underlines the style of the play as it shows how he saw his life the method he wished to and remained in his own illusions and dreams for fifteen years until he met reality. Biff recognizes now that success doesn’t come quickly, and that he should do what he desires in life. Biff takes Costs Oliver’s fountain pens while a rush of anger and confusion is going through his mind. Because Oliver didn’t even recognize Biff, he had an urge to simply go into his workplace and just take what he might to please and calm himself.

Biff can not tell his father what happened with Costs Oliver since he does not wish to dissatisfy him. He knows that his decision to fulfill Bill made Willy very happy, and he was ashamed as Costs Oliver wasn’t even able to offer him a job, yet acknowledge him. And even when he had actually tried to inform Willy any problem, Willy would leap to conclusions and wouldn’t give him the proper chance or time to let Biff discuss himself. Pleased and Biff leave Willy at the restaurant since they didn’t wish to discuss what had actually taken place that day. They left with a number of ladies for some fun leaving Willy alone since Happy wanted Biff to feel much better and take his mind off all his issues.

Q8. Why did Biff go to Boston? What does he discover when he see the Woman? Why is it that Biff never went to summer school? Why can’t he believe his dad?

Ans: Biff flunked math and didn’t get enough credits to finish. For that reason he pertained to Boston to meet his father and ask him to talk to his instructors to offer him some points. He believed that Willy would have the ability to talk to them in “his method” and might be able to get enough indicate make Biff pass. When Biff sees the Ladies, he finds that his daddy is a phony and was doing something completely wrong. He likewise sees that Willy had actually given his mothers stockings to the woman. Biff never went to summer season school after that incident since he was totally stunned and let down by his father. He wasn’t in the position any longer to take summer season school classes as the circumstance left him into a state of depression. He could not think his dad since he never ever believed that he would in fact switch on his mother and do this to her and their family. This left Biff in a state of confusion and shock where he wasn’t able to forgive his dad.

Q9. Why does Linda inform the young boys, “Get out of here, both of you, and don’t return!”?

Ans: Linda yells at the boys since she is disappointed and furious with them. When she found out that they had left Willy all by himself at the restaurant, she was very mad and didn’t want to see or speak with either of them. She was also disappointed due to the fact that she just started to think that things in their household were going to go back to typical and everybody was going to more than happy, and after the occurrence, she was dissatisfied that there were still more problems to take care of. She feels that the young boys don’t appreciate their daddy, and care more about the ladies they went off with. She likewise seems like her boys are just tormenting Willy and utilizing him for monetary backup, shelter, etc. but are not giving him the assistance, love and regard he needs and deserves.

Q10. Why does Willy keep planting seeds when they’ve never ever grown prior to? Why does Willy believe Biff will be impressed with his funeral service? Why does Ben say that Biff will call Willy a fool?

Ans: Willy keeps planting seeds because he wants his family to have actually something delegated remember him by after he passes away. He knows that he hasn’t succeeded much in life and wasn’t able to give him family much and for that reason he wishes to leave something behind for them. They might use the plants to utilize or sell them, and they will have a nice garden in their home. Willy believes that Biff will be impressed with his funeral service because he feels that many people from various states all over the country will concern visit him at his funeral service. He wants to show Biff that he is well known and cared for by others. Ben states that Biff will call Willy a fool since he understands that Willy is not well known, and that no one will appear at his funeral service, and Biff will know that his daddy was a coward and wind up hating him.

Q11. Why doesn’t Willy wish to see Linda? Why does he think Biff is spiting him? Why does Biff show him the rubber tube? Why does Biff confront Willy and Delighted?

Ans: Willy doesn’t wish to see Linda since he is ashamed of himself. Everybody learns about Biff’s failure to get an organisation task with Costs Oliver, and Willy feels that it is his fault why this had actually occurred. Therefore, he feels ashamed to show his face to Linda. He feels that Biff is spiting him because he feels that Biff is blaming all his failure on Willy. He does not seem to care about the family and informs them to forget that he is alive, and that he would simply send them a cheque if he could. Biff shows Willy the rubber pipe due to the fact that he desires Willy to understand that the whole household understands what is going on and what he has been up to. Biff wants to show Willy that they are all anxious about him and let him know what type of pressure he is putting the whole household under however attempting to devote suicide.

Q12. What does Biff do that elates Willy? How does Delighted shot to attract Willy’s attention? How does Ben influence Willy at this point?

Ans: Biff begins to sob for his daddy which seems to elate him. After mentioning what sort of life Biff remained in before coming home, he broke into tears for Willy to assist him eliminate his childish dreams before something takes place. He wished to stop picturing his future, and in fact begin something that he could do. Happy shots to bring in Willy’s attention by informing them that he was going to possibility, get married quickly, and his the department he was working for. Ben influences Willy at this moment by revealing him how Biff would be better off with Willy’s insurance coverage money as it would be more than what Willy is making now. He mentions that “the jungle is dark but full of diamonds.” He informs Willy that Biff can succeed in life, however simply needs a starting push. This affects Willy to dedicate suicide so that his household might get his insurance coverage cash.


Q1. What is a requiem? What is the purpose of the last act? To what degree is it successful?

Ans: A requiem is an event for the ceremony of the dead. It is usually a funeral service or a funeral. The function of the last act was for the Loman’s to determine what they need to make with their lives. Biff and Delighted wished to finally get a hold of their objectives and start something in their life. This all could have made the family happier and successful. Even though the household had actually prepared to attempt to end up being successful in organisation, it didn’t work out. Biff lastly chose what he wished to perform in his life, which was to be outdoors. This upset Willy, which therefore led the household into a various scenario. The final act ended in a disrupt way as Willy dedicated suicide to help his household with their monetary problems, and help Biff and Delighted to begin their professions and lives.

Q2. Charley says: “No male just requires a little income.” To what is he referring? What else does a male need?

Ans: When Charley states that “no guy just requires a little income”, he is attempting to say that just the minimum money earned will never ever suffice for any male. Guy always want more than what they have for their own satification and to have more for their happiness. A male likewise requires the due respect they are worthy of. A male desires the best for their household, and wants to see their families standing out and to be remarkable to others.

Q3. Describe the irony of Linda’s last speech.

Ans: In Linda’s last speech she questions Willy and asks why he had to leave them. She does not comprehend why Willy had actually picked to make that choice and still feels like waiting for him to come back. She tells Willy that she isn’t able to weep for him. This does not imply that she does not care about him and isn’t able to show her feelings, but she remains in such a baffled state, that she does not even understand what to do.

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